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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We now have a TEENAGER in the house:)

Happy Birthday Nicholas!!
We are so blessed to have you for a son!
What a gift God has given us in you-
You sing thru your days,
you are cheerful, helpful, smiley and loving!
You are our resident physician, musician, astronomer, scientist, and maintenance man!!
We love you so much, and
I can't imagine what life would be like without you!
God certainly knew what He was doing 11 years ago when he brought you into our home.
Now, at the age of 13, we are watching you turn from boy to young man, and it is
SOOOOO happy to have a teenager now-
We Love You!!!
with all our love,
Mama & Baba

Our man of many smiles!!!

Thank you for being the wonderful son and loving brother that you are!!
Take good care of your little brothers for the next 18 days-they NEED you:)


Annie said...

Happy Birthday to Nicolas!!! Our Matthew will be turning 13 this week too!! Just love these boys, such a blessing to us!

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday to Nicholas! Hope you enjoyed your last day together before the big trip!

Jaime T. said...

Happy Birthday Nick!!

mlynne said...

Happy, Happy, HAPPY Birthday to Nicholas!!!