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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It seems inconceivable to me, a mama who has lived with a camera in her hands for the last 18 days, to not have 1 decent picture to share with you all of our new family!!!
of course, the sleep deprivation, the travel chaos, the unpacking clutter, the laundry piles, the little boys who now have a mommy in the house again-gee, where DOES my time go???
Not to mention 3 girls adjusting to Wisconsin time, Wis. weather (love the snow) and adjusting to way less computer/ipad time-and SHARING!!!!
Life is good, God is good, and we are all doing amazingly well.
I hope to get some real pics of all of us in the next few days.
2 homeschool field trips and 1 science co-op thrown in for good measure this week, and maybe I can really claim insanity?????
Also need to make a Dr's appt for Lili yet-have been dragging my feet, but her nose is filling up again, 3-4 days of antibiotics was not enough to end this battle, so we will try fitting that in tomorrow!!!
Love to you all-and hang in there, I promise pics in the next couple days-
YAYYY for everyone sleeping thru the night-I think daytime travel has made a difference in the jetlag horrors we have had in the past!!!

Chris and ALL


Tammy said...

Welcome home chris....loved following along....BE back to see those pictures...NO pressure ( wink)



Jolene said...

Enjoy your time without the net! Right now we all know the important thing is bonding and transition! Many prayers and blessings for you!

Can you send a little snow to us in Michigan? Its all gone now!

kimjax said...

So glad all is well, Chris!! Get some rest and lay low for the next few weeks!!

mlynne said...

Chris- welcome back to US and so happy you all are home safe and sound. Was happy to see the post today titled "HOME". Peace to you all

Terri said...

I love following your adoption journey and have checked in to your blog daily. I cant wait to see all your beautiful family together!


Angie said...

I am so happy to hear that you made it home safe and sound! We will be praying for you and your family, that the transition goes well with the addition of your new precious girls.
Can't wait to see photos!


The Yoders said...

Thank-you for sharing your journey, I just got done reading through your blog of your trip to China & back, brought back memories & we will be praying for your family, we would love to meet you sometime!