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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 6

I can't believe it's the last day here in Guiyang!!!


We woke up Friday morning with an air of expectancy.

We were finally ready to make a move-and tho we had enjoyed our stay in Guiyang, I for one was really ready to move on and complete another leg of this journey!!!

I could tell Rosie was a little sad, and I asked her-"are you sad?"

She very quickly, and very truthfully replied in her very soft voice, "YES!"

I so appreciated her view, and tried to keep the day as busy and non "in your face" we are leaving type of day-and let her spend lots of time on the Ipad-boy, does she love that thing :)


When we went to breakfast, we took a few pics of their bountiful buffet-I had really enjoyed the sumptuous fare there, and while we don't eat like that at home, I really soaked up all the fringies of being in a 5 star hotel for 8 day=it was a pretty good way to break into this parenting of 3 girls-without all the work of fixing big meals:) and they all love to eat-so the 4 of us make a pretty good team!!


We also skyped again with Baba and the boys, and then my mom, and Rosie took a few pics while we were skyping-I think she is looking forward to meeting her brothers face to face-and Lili loves to chat with them, even if its just lots of HI's and BYES right now, and lots of grins and waves too!!

When we got to the airport, I was mildly surprised at how nice it was. And for a nice change, we didn't have to walk outside to board our plane, we actually go to sit in a waiting room and walk down the "runway", and that was kind of fun with 2 girls who had never done this before.


I just love the way we take over our corner of the airport!!!

I also love the legs crossed, and the intensity of the furrowed brow and the seriousness of writing.


More smiles on the airplane-neither girl showed any trepidation at takeoff---Lots of smiles!!!!

The airplane was very comfortable, and not packed, so we had some space, and the girls got right to work coloring and writing.

The food came, and tho it was not quite distinguishable as chicken, the girls ate it right up.

Once we landed in Guangzhou, our guide bought us some KFC while we waited at the airport for another family's flight to arrive from Beijing.

The girls enjoyed that meal at 9 pm, coke and all.

By the time we were to the Hotel and checked in and trying to make up beds, it was after 10:30, and I don’t think any of us had any problems getting to sleep-The ONLY glitch in the day affected me-I suffered my first casualty of single parenting-

While rushing around trying to make sure everything was packed, and checking and rechecking drawers and under the beds, and behind doors, I FORGOT to check MY dresser drawer-YEP, forgot my clean underwear!!! and one pair of long johns I had been wearing when we went out, and maybe a slip or 2, not sure.

BUT, if that is as bad as it gets, I can handle it.

The praise is here at the Victory, there are no dressers to put clothes away in, so I won't be able to FORGET anything.

Life is good, we are doing well, and we are now over the hump, and 1/2 way done-all down hill from here-and headed into the homestretch:)


Yes, I want to get home, but yes, I am enjoying my stay in China, and feeling truly blessed that God has knit this family together the way He has chosen to do so-I marvel at my 3 sleeping angels, and can't wait to hold my 4 rambunctious boys again!!!


Chris and the girls


Pictures of our skyping-my boys are doing so well home with Baba-What a praise to be able to hear their voices and see their smiley faces!!!



jewell said...

oh, SO rejoicing with you!

kimjax said...

Chris - it sounds like you're having a wonderful trip! I'm so happy that your girls are doing well and you are doing well on your own! You are my hero, friend! Send any tips my way!!

Tammy said...

Getting soooo close Chris, you are DOING great......praying for total ease and more bonding.....

Debberoo said...

Beautiful hotel, nothing like coming down to breakfast made by someone else! I just love seeing the girls together.

Sweet, sweet Rosie, leaving home Province is so different for a child her age. When we left Hunan it was me that cried because of course our daughter was too young to understand. I'm so glad Rosie has you with your sensitivity to her feelings.

I can't believe how great you are doing, the girls look like they've flown a thousand times before and I love the way they settle right down to their coloring and writing!

I bet that airport KFC was the best you've ever tasted after such a long day.

I'm highly impressed, only a few forgotten pairs of knickers is good going after all you've had to do.

mlynne said...

So happy to see another post when I checked in this evening, you are Superwoman, Chris!

Others have said it, you are doing such a wonderful job as a "single" Mum, but I just wanted to repeat it too. Rewards of it all certainly are there and challenges at home for Hubby and the boys boys but just so impressed with your abilities as you navigate your travels and being new Mum again to two special girls, but balanceing the needs of all three.

I've left a bathingsuit or two in a drawer here and there over the yrs but let me tell you I did it without any stress on my shoulders, simply on vacation. You are doing fantastic and can look forward to spanking new underclothes in the future, LOL.

Peace, Mlynne

Joe and Jane said...

Chris, it's such fun to catch up and see how well you all are doing (not that I doubted you would for a moment)! Sorry about the underwear snafu! Excited to hear about your next leg of your trip!