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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Some Homeschool Co-op Fun!!

This past fall, our family took part in our church's homeschool co-op for Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. This is a wonderful curriculum written by Jeannie Fulbright and sold by Apologia, a publisher of science books for homeschoolers.
We love our time in co-op, and this year, we used a neat set of folders from Live N Learn Press, another homeschool company that creates wonderful lapbook-type folders that can be used inside our notebooks.
Below are some of the pictures of my kids' creations. We use the folders , which are really review questions/explanations of the days' readings, after we do the day's readings from the Flying Creatures text. Then, we glue them onto cardstock, slide them into page protectors, and put them in our binders.
Sometimes, we would do the folders after all the reading for the day, sometimes we did them as we read-the folders have to be printed out ahead of time, and the children cut them out, fold them according to the instructions, and write, draw the answers inside.
A mini lapbook inside the Flying Creatures notebook, as each child also did an oral report during our co-op time-Nick's assignment was the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

A 2-page spread of the folders inside the binder

Some close-ups of the inside pages of the bird lessons

More examples of the folders inside the notebook

Nick's front cover of Part 2-the bird lessons-we broke up the readings according to the season-as we started the co-op in the fall, and we were needing to study insects, we did the last chapters first, so we still had live specimens to catch and examine

A page from Kendell's insect notebook

Kendell's front cover of Part 1-insects

More inside pages of the folders

Fun with wheels and other folders

The folders were a huge success, and we will be using LALP's Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day folders this fall when we do another co-op.