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Monday, January 30, 2012

what a week we have had!!!

It is so hard to believe we have been home 8 days now!
The time has been super busy, as can be imagined with adding 2 new girls to our crew:)
The first 5 days were nothing but "survival" as I was hit heavy  with the emotional "it's over" drain, and of course, the dreaded jet lag too.
I hardly had the camera out, but did manage some adorable pics on the sled hill the other day along with some assorted shots from the last few days.
Overall, I would say we have had exceptional transitioning.
Lili is always happy, unless she is very tired, very hungry, or told no while in one of these states :)
Rose has been busy finding her place as a busy older sister who loves to take care of the littles, as well as help out in the kitchen with whatever jobs need doing.
Her English has improved tremendously since we don't hear any Mandarin anymore.
I mourn that for her, yet, feel it may be best for her to push thru the loss of Mandarin to get a good grasp of the English she has been exposed to for several years, but still had the backup of Mandarin a breath away.
She has her quiet moments, and she has her silly moments, but overall, we see a smiley Rosey way more often than any other state, and for that we are extremely grateful.
WE are humbled by God's goodness to us throughout this month of changes.
WE look forward to what February will bring-2 birthdays-Rose turns 14 on the 5th, and Isaac turns 3 on the 9th.
On the 13th, we celebrate our 22 anniversary.
We have started back to school as of this morning, so I look forward to seeing how they all progress with a regular schedule and more structured days.
Enough of my rambling, time to get on with the pictures.
I suspect this will only happen 1x a week, as my days are FULL, and if Chuck weren't milking tonight, I wouldn't be up this late either, so do check back, even if I miss a few days-there is much that God is doing in our lives, and I really want to share His goodness and mercy, and His abundant blessings!
Lots of love
Chris and all!!
the first time Rose went outside, she helped Kendell feed the calves, and then headed right over to the swing set-

Baba headed back up the sled hill after the little boys took a turn on their sled

Nick and Lili taking a turn together.

a little bit of hot-dogging going on!!
along withLOTS of giggles and laughs

my,this looks like a motley crew!
Only God could do this :)

I loved this, little boys and sisters watching their Baba and brothers
burning out in the garden~

Lili has really taken to having brothers around-even if they demand sharing her favorite toys!!!!

And to think we were worried about how she would take to having so many siblings!!!!

Friday our older ones went to their science co-op. Rose went along, and was a very
studious young lady.
She took wonderful notes, and tried to follow along on the excellent teaching they got
on our immune system!

She was all ears, and gave her full attention-I was very proud of her:)

some play time on Saturday

this is school time for 2 pre-schoolers
lots of playtime, but also lots of learning going on!!!
And they both did very well today.I am thrilled with how
Lili will try anything, and wants to follow instructions

Rose and Tyler doing some simple, lets get back into the groove worksheets before we really hit the textbooks later this week-and they both did VERY well!!!

Isaac is wandering around the livingroom, wanders to the kitchen for some involvement too, and then back to his toys. It was a very full morning, and Nick and Kendell went upstairs to their desks to hit their math and spelling without so many diversions!!!

It's a great day for a tractor ride!
Monday afternoon was a great, warm day, and the children all went out together to do chores, and play.
They also all got into the act of feeding the cows this afternoon, either riding in the tractor or on the TMR~~
Rose was all smiles riding with Kendell, and Lili about flew into the tractor when Daddy stopped and motioned for her to come-she is actually fearless, except for the dogs, and cows, and chickens, and ducks:) But, she is getting better with all of them too-a little at a time!!!!
Nick is standing in the feeder, that's why he is so much taller than the cows-

LOVED all these smiles today!

Is there any better place for kids than on a farm??
So many experiences, so much to learn, opportunities to learn responsibilities
and LOTS of fun!!!
Thanks for stopping by, hoping for more posts yet this week as I want to wrap our time in China with a couple more posts!!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It seems inconceivable to me, a mama who has lived with a camera in her hands for the last 18 days, to not have 1 decent picture to share with you all of our new family!!!
of course, the sleep deprivation, the travel chaos, the unpacking clutter, the laundry piles, the little boys who now have a mommy in the house again-gee, where DOES my time go???
Not to mention 3 girls adjusting to Wisconsin time, Wis. weather (love the snow) and adjusting to way less computer/ipad time-and SHARING!!!!
Life is good, God is good, and we are all doing amazingly well.
I hope to get some real pics of all of us in the next few days.
2 homeschool field trips and 1 science co-op thrown in for good measure this week, and maybe I can really claim insanity?????
Also need to make a Dr's appt for Lili yet-have been dragging my feet, but her nose is filling up again, 3-4 days of antibiotics was not enough to end this battle, so we will try fitting that in tomorrow!!!
Love to you all-and hang in there, I promise pics in the next couple days-
YAYYY for everyone sleeping thru the night-I think daytime travel has made a difference in the jetlag horrors we have had in the past!!!

Chris and ALL

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Good-bye Guangzhou

goodbye GZ 2

Hello Wisconsin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a heartfelt thanks that we are headed home, that all is well, that Lili is doing well, that Rose seems very happy to be flying home Sunday!!!

Much to be grateful for!

One more good meal with the Moores, a tiny bit more packing and at 5am Sunday morning, we pile into a van headed to Hong Kong.

At 11am we file into a plane headed for Chicago.

At 11:16 midwest time, we pile out of the plane in Chicago, swarm thru immigration, fly to Madison, and FLY into our family's arms-yes, they will be waiting for us!!!

I am so blessed, so humbled by His goodness to us throughout this entire trip, so THRILLED that we have 2 new daughters, and our family of 9 will be together soon.

I am also slightly looking forward to that good ole American cheeseburger tomorrow night at Culvers on our way home!!! I think food prices will floor me in America again, it has been soooo very reasonable to eat here, but I am so ready to navigate around my own  kitchen again, hug my boys instead of waving at them on Skype, to do my own blog posts, and fight with my own computer issues, instead of the hotel's!!!

All said, God is GOOD, ALL THE TIME-He put a song of praise in this heart of mine!!!

God is good, HE's so good, all the time!!!

Lots of love,

Chris and the girls!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Saying goodbye….

to dear friends.

Today is Thursday night!

I am starting to have trouble remembering the time difference-FOR SOME REASON!!!

Our night, your morning of the same day, not that hard, but after 15 days, it's all jumbling together!!!

Prayer has gotten me thru much the past 2 weeks and I am so thankful for how Faithful Father is to answer our smallest needs:)

Today, we said goodbye to little Elliott and his mama and Dada!!

I am sooooo happy that they got to leave GZ today-and at 8 Friday morning, they start their flight back to Charlotte, NC.

They are so special to all of us. We really do need to plan a trip south, and yes, we will be stopping by to see ya all!!!!

Such wonderful parents-and first timers too-loved watching their son come out of his shell and he just exudes joy and delight with everything going on around him-truly a miracle!!!!

Happy trails to you all-and may He hold you in the palm of His hand, and return you safely to your haven in NC!!!

Until we meet again


Chris and the girls

Kendell feeding Elliott his first taste of ice cream-and he loved it!!!




Mama and Daddy having a quick bite to eat before the 3 hour van drive to Hong Kong


Mama getting her final paperwork-the long-awaited VISA!!!!!!


The gang's all here-for a loving good bye!!!

The children all say goodbye to Elliott



This is 1 happy mama!!!


Until we meet again!!! Safe travels dear friends-we love you

and yes, I was crying-happy, rejoicing tears for meeting such

wonderful people on this path He has put us on!!!

Safari Park

Preview of our day at the Safari Park

This is only a short preview of the extraordinary day we had Tuesday at the Safari Park.

I took over 250 pictures, so I am only picking a couple to try to show you the extent of the beauty and "real-ness" of the place.


Riding the train thru the "drive thru" range

Elephants in their natural habitat-one of our biggest thrills was seeing animals actually moving around


and doing life much like they would in the wild-something very different from the many zoos I have seen in the states.

White tigers-a real thrill for all of us…the African range, complete with lots of giraffes!



I will wait to post more pics when I get home and can do it myself-this is a job for super-editor, and I am not up to the task tonight!

Pray for Lili…..

We interrupt this trip to bring you news from the Guangzhou Respiratory Hospital:

Yes, it's true, we actually made a trip to a hospital while here in Guangzhou.

It was a very nice facility, and I was glad we went, but I wish we hadn’t have HAD to go.

Our little Lili had a horrible night breathing and sleeping on Tuesday night, and I told Richard, "I think we need to see a Dr."

It was a beautiful, 70 degree day, and we spent the entire afternoon inside the hospital waiting to be seen.

We first waited over 70 minutes to see a Pediatrician.

She was appalled by the condition of her little nose-so raw inside, it looks like hamburger-and I'm not exaggerating!!!

She has the worst green stuff coming out of her all hours of the day and night, and at night, it mixes with blood.

The Dr said her lungs are clear, so no bronchitis-but put her on 4 different meds for a severe sinus infection-yes, I called that from day 1, I have seen enough of this stuff at home to know what it looks like!

She also really wanted us to see another Dr-and ENT!!!

After we just waited 70 minutes to see her? Was she kidding?

BUT, we decided to see how long it would be-guess what? NO WAIT!!!

We got right in, and for a total of about $50, we found out her condition has been going on for SOME TIME-probably several months.

Makes me want to cry.

So now she has 4 meds to swallow, and 2 for her nose to help it heal she is a real trooper, and takes the pills without any problems, even chewing stuff probably not meant to be chewed, but at least she is getting them.

The only side effect is from the Amoxicillin-YES< Diarrhea. Ought to be interesting on the flight on Sunday, but she is really feeling better already.

Richard said he can already understand her speech better, so maybe there isn't a speech issue as bad as we thought from the beginning?

WOW, wouldn't that be amazing!!!

Keep her in prayer, as the better she feels, the more of a squirrel she will become, but we are SUPER glad of that!!!



007 (2)

My Lili, waiting patiently for her call to see the Dr-and the first thing the Doc said, "put more clothes on her"



Talk about chaos-and I wouldn't go so far as to say it's organized chaos either just simply chaos.


I came away with a completely new appreciation for the health care we have in the US

Lines everywhere-even to pay the bills-LINES!!! pick up drugs---LINES!!!!

So glad we are done with this!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Please pray


Please pray for Rose-she had a pretty negative day cranky, irritable, wanted to cry over having pizza for supper, and she has literally been begging for pizza all week.

She is not making huge attempts to communicate-and is not understanding some very simple things I say, ask REALLY looking forward to getting into a normal routine-this 14 days of "parenting" on the go is tough!!!



Rose and Kendell waiting for Elliott

He has come so far in the last week, it is amazing!!!



Harry, he is such a proud papa!!!!

The girls and Elliott posing



Yes, it really does say CLOSED MONDAY!!!

and Earl, none of us minded a bit-it was an adventure and we all just loved being together!!!


Elliott refused to eat his congee, and really wanted his mama and daddy's spicy stuff, but then he would rake his tongue with his little hand and down a glass of juice=too cute!!!


The gang's all here at Lucys for dinner-finally!

Hope all is well with you guys .

The Safari Park is amazing, I have over 225 pics-guess I will have to do a few different posts for Tuesday!!!

5 more days till homecoming!!!


5 more days till homecoming :)


The crowds at the Herbal market are crazy

The bags of stuff, if only we had a clue what they were!


Look at that, dried toads, or lizards, or something!!!



    Earl and Sharee say, "Is that really a toad???" And just what do they do with those anyway???


Meandering around the pet market

Elliott and his proud parents




The "gang" hangin' out in an alley:)


Yes, that's bags of dried seahorses!!!

a herbal store-one of the nicer ones:)




Parents hangin' out at the playground!!!