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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Please pray


Please pray for Rose-she had a pretty negative day cranky, irritable, wanted to cry over having pizza for supper, and she has literally been begging for pizza all week.

She is not making huge attempts to communicate-and is not understanding some very simple things I say, ask REALLY looking forward to getting into a normal routine-this 14 days of "parenting" on the go is tough!!!



Rose and Kendell waiting for Elliott

He has come so far in the last week, it is amazing!!!



Harry, he is such a proud papa!!!!

The girls and Elliott posing



Yes, it really does say CLOSED MONDAY!!!

and Earl, none of us minded a bit-it was an adventure and we all just loved being together!!!


Elliott refused to eat his congee, and really wanted his mama and daddy's spicy stuff, but then he would rake his tongue with his little hand and down a glass of juice=too cute!!!


The gang's all here at Lucys for dinner-finally!

Hope all is well with you guys .

The Safari Park is amazing, I have over 225 pics-guess I will have to do a few different posts for Tuesday!!!

5 more days till homecoming!!!



Debberoo said...

Sending all good thoughts to all of you and most especially Rose.

I expect she is very aware that as each day passes it brings her closer to leaving her beautiful homeland behind to go forward into the unknown, to a land she has never visited and where she does not speak the language fluently and where she knows nobody but her new sisters and new Mama. It must be so hard for her at this age, she is old enough to know what she is losing and leaving behind but can't fully know what she will gain she is a brave, beautiful girl. I hope she does okay on these last few days and I hope you do too!!! You have been amazing doing all this by yourself, you must be feeling drained at times.

So glad you have had other families to spend time with, you will have these bonds forever, such a beautiful thing!

Hang in there Chris, you can do it!!! I bet your boys are counting down the days till they have you back and get to meet their new sisters/daughters!


Chris said...

Another thought on Rose's mood...how many vaccines did she get? She might not feel too great and not know exactly why.
A large part of it is that she too is out of her environment and schedule.
Hang in there!

Robin said...

My heart goes out to your Rose and to you too as stand by her and support her.

Jean said...

God Bless you Chris!

Saying prayers for Rose. It is all so hard for these children- even when things go well there are still challenges.

So glad you will be home in 5 days- on your own turf with your hubby to help!! (I bet you are excited to see your boys!)


mlynne said...
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mlynne said...

Chris- I deleted the first comment (I think) for I made a mistake but will try again.

Just simply put, Prayers and hugs your way.

Julie Young said...

I am so proud of you, Chris. What a brave sister in Christ, bringing your family together for His glory. Stay strong and know you are thought well of and prayed for. You'll be home soon. Love you!

The 4-O-7 said...

I'm praying for you all. God bless you and keep you. ~Tina

Lillie Family said...

So good to meet you yesterday on the playground! Please send me the group photo if it turned out!

I hope Lily is feeling better soon!

Lillie family