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Monday, January 9, 2012

FOREVER a family!!!

3 families become 1.
How precious is that?!!?  And we know WHO to thank for working this all out!


Our first view of Lili (Lily)

                                            Our guide translating info from Lili's foster mom
                                                   Rosalyn and Lili meet for the first time
                                    Lili, our little spitfire decked out in her 6 layers of hot clothes.

                       A foster father/daughter moment that brought tears to my eyes and pain to my heart.
                                      Rosalyn and Dir W. What a special time together for all of us.
                     BUBBLES! The surefire way to erase the tears and bring smiles to everyone!!

Well, Sunday finally arrives. WE are nervous, excited, anxious, and THRILLED!

This is the day Rosalyn and Lilianna become members of our family!!

Our first view of Lili shows a vibrant, happy, very silly little girl who obviously loves her foster mama.

Our first glimpse of Rosalyn reveals a very shy, loving, smiling young lady who is quiet, yet full of joy, and who obviously loves her foster family!!!

The room is full of noise, confusion to some, but pleasant exchanges going on in all corners, concerns for the girls' and their routines, questions about their daily life, lots of PAPERWORK-as if we haven't done enough-wow-that was a bit overwhelming without a hubby to watch thekids or help look things over-

Lili had 2 minutes of tears whenher foster family left-thankfully, Rosalyn's foster dad was still there, and scooped her up, hugger her tight, and plopped her in my lap.

Within a couple minutes-she was wooed back to all smiles and impish impulsiveness and a wee bit of trouble :)

Rosalyn had a few moments of sorrow-broke my heart to see her in pain, but so thankful we were all able to be together to help her thru the transition.

I was so happy Rosalyn's foster dad was there to help her with her name signing-she is unsure of her Chinese characters as she has been learning English-how helpful it was for Baba to help her and smooth the anxieties away.

Finally, after 2 1/2 long hours-and yes, it was FREEZING in that room-I was froze stiff, we were escorted out and into our van. A 6 yr old happily bouncing along, holding my hand, and Rosalyn cheerfully helping clean up and clutter and pack up all our belongings to head to the Hotel .

Once in the room, things settled into a calm, uneventful pattern of Lili taking things out, the older girls putting them away:)

We are doing great, and if Lynnea will continue to post for me, we will be able to blog while here in Guiyang-for some reason, I have technical difficulites, even with a VPN downloaded.

Thanks for coming along on our FAMILY DAY!!!

Lots of Love,
Chris and the girls


Robin said...

Congratulations to you all. SUch a special day for you, the girls and your family. Wishing you a peaceful transition.

Brooke said...

YAY, Chris!!! This was such a wonderful post- loved the pictures and will continue to pray for your girls' hearts as they grieve leaving their foster families behind!
Blessings, friend!!

Angie said...

So happy for you and your family!

Praying for you here, that all will go well and soon you will all be home safe and sound.


Redeemedmama said...

Miracle after Miracle. Praise God who has delivered your family and may peace continue and the grieving be met with the Holy Spirit's comfort. Such a special ending and a new beginning. Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your journey. love you friend, Tammy

Debberoo said...

Congratulations!!! Wow what a day for all of you. I'm filled with admiration that you pulled this off flying solo, you are amazing! A day filled with so many special moments, the girls sound so brave, wonderful to know that they loved their foster families but so hard to say goodbye. So happy for all of you, just love seeing your 3 girls together!

Terri said...

A big congratulations!!!!!!!

The 4-O-7 said...

Congratulations Chris! I'm so happy for your family. We will continue to keep all of your family in prayer. Enjoy your girl time. ;-)

Tammy said...

Oh Happy Day Chris.......
Praying for peace, wisdom, bonding and all things wonderful..