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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thru the eyes of a 6 year old

Day 6 in Guiyang was pretty uneventful, and I thought I wouldn't have much to post :)

HA-after looking at my camera's pictures while waiting at the airport, I had to chuckle…..A certain 6 year old had been on the loose with my camera all morning, and actually made some good pics-

I knew she was playing with it, and since we are in survival mode, and almost ANYTHING goes, yes, she is allowed to play with the camera while we are traveling!!

Below are some of my favorite pics that Lilianna took on our last day at the Sheraton hotel:


LOTS of pics of the traffic below-like 28 flights below

and LOTS of pics of the skyline


adorable shot of her legs-I just love this one


a not so adorable shot of a very messy room that is in the midst of being tore apart and packed up



another messy shot of our room in disarray


a cute shot of the baby bathtub we had, and used it for washing the laundry-apparently she thought this was really cute because there were MANY shots of this!!!

Just too cute-enjoyed her journey around our room-hope you did too!!!

I can't wait to find out what really goes on between those eyes all day long-she is showing herself to be extremely bright, and also very assertive and bullheaded. I love her little temper though, she has LOTS of spunk, and will fit in well with the rest of us!!!

Lots of love,

Chris, Lili and the girls:)


Robin said...

I enjoyed the tour:)

mlynne said...

My niece, adopted from China, acquired the name Little General, while in her orphanage. I often reflect on this as God's gift to her to help her endure earlier yrs of hardship. She is a stubborn and sweet little girl.

Thought this was so very precious, HER journey for you to have for the many yrs down the road for her. From her eyes. Very touching.

Cont to pray for you all....

Debberoo said...

I just loved the little tour through Lili's eyes! Please get her and the girls to do some more shots for us. I agree with Mlynne these pictures will be such a special memory for Lili.

Debberoo said...

Oh and I meant to say she got some really good shots too! A budding David Bailey on your hands!