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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The “zoo”

A required part of this China adoption trip is the mandatory Dr's visits.


Talk about a ZOO.

Our guide made sure we were the first families there-and thank goodness-it turned into a madhouse of people/children within 30 minutes of our arrival-a very good reason to stay at the Victory, it is only a 5 minute walk to the Dr's!!!!

I am not really sure what we are spending $200 on-they look in their nose, ears, mouth, take their temp, give a TB test, and sometimes ask a few questions.

They did tell us Lilianna has bronchitis, so we have her on a children's dose of zithromax. Hopefully, that will help clear up her cough, sinus pressure, and cruddy nose drainage!! And should help with her mood too-poor thing has the worst time sleeping when the crud starts to drain and fill her nose and throat:!!!

We go back on Monday to have the TB tests read, and Rosalyn will need some vaccines. It seems, those over a certain age can not opt out of vaccines and wait for shots in the US-SIGH!!!

Lili can wait, thank goodness.

We are happy to be sharing our guide with a wonderful family from NC-Jenn and Harry and little Elliot!!

There are MANY pics of this little guy to follow in the next post :)

He is wayyyy tooo cute, and gets lots of attention from everyone!!

They are first time parents, and LOVING it! And I am thrilled to be able to watch them form a wonderful family unit-Thank You Lord

Blessings,Chris and the girls


Rosalyn getting her vision "tested" and Lili learns the ropes of the vision test and getting BP's taken



Jenn and Harry and little Elliot with their Dr!!


Lili playing nurse!


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Debberoo said...

Chris, I am just loving all your posts! Its so funny, we followed in your footsteps in Taiwan and now to see you in the places I remember so well in China is a thrill!