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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 5!

Nothing exciting, just hangin' out!!!

I have to say, this was the longest day of our stay in Guiyang!

Even though we left the hotel a couple times, they were short jaunts, and Lili has not felt good, nor behaved the best, and it has just been a bit more challenging than the others.

Nothing bad, just long!

We did go to the Guiyang Cultural Museum today and had a short crash-course on some Chinese minorities in the Guizhou Province.

We also made a couple purchases for keepsakes for the girls, and then probably the highlight of the day came when we bought lunch at KFC.

A bucket of chicken, a rice/chicken dinner and 2 orders of fries all for $20!! and it made 2 meals for us too!

I did lots of laundry today and started repacking of all the stuff I thought I just unpacked yesterday-but it was Sunday/Monday, and it does feel good to be almost done with 1 more leg of this journey!


Little Lili had a rough nap, she has so much junk in her lungs, nose and head that she is really having a hard time breathing when she lays down.

And she has been showing a bit of a temper the last couple days too, which really delayed her going to sleep today-she was trying to control the situation, and it didn't work, but it kept her up most of 1 1/4 hours before she gave in and caught about a 40 minute nap.

We have nothing special planned for tomorrow but packing, and we leave for Guangzhou on a 5:40 flight Friday evening.

Looking forward to a change scenery, and a bit warmer temps, but it will be sad leaving our girls' "territory" and our friends in Kunming!

May He bless each of you in your little corner of the world!

Love,Chris and the girls


2 girls hangin’ out on electronic devices-that's ALL they do these days-sigh


1 little girl watching the street-28 flights down!!!


One little adventure to the coffee shop for wonderful cheesecake for our dessert tonight


Mama doing laundry with Lili helping.


Line drying at it's best!!!



Skyping with Grandma and Grandpa Nelson

    and Baba too!!!


Outside the museum

A model of a bridge from the Guizhou Museum exhibit


A lady sewing outside on the road-I had not seen this before :)



Robin said...

Hope Lilli feels better soon. You are such an attentive mother. Wishing you safe travels to the next stop.

mlynne said...

Yes Chris-As Robin wrote, you ARE such an attentive Mum. Do hope the "snuffiness" (word?) passes, for Lilli. One can feel so out of sorts when with cold/allergies/congestion,making the head feel twice it's size. Praying your next leg of this journey is safe and you all do well.
Peace to you, mlynne

kimjax said...

I'm not liking the laundry method, Chris. I'll be missing my washer/dryer!!!! Have fun in GZ - can'at wait to follow along!

Debberoo said...

I can see so much of Lili's personality in her beautiful face, she is an amazing child and you are an awesome Mum.

Reading about her "strong" opinions on things it was some how all the more poignant to see that photo of her watching the street below, it really touched me and as you say you wonder what goes on in that sweet head as she tries to process all the changes happening so fast.

Your three girls are each so wonderful and its very special for them to be sharing this trip together. Kendall looks like she is being a trooper and Rose looks like she has great gentleness.

Hang in there, I know its got to be exhausting (for all of you) but you are doing great!