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Sunday, January 15, 2012

An Amazing Day!

Words can not express the JOY we feel at being here in GZ with other Madison families:)


Earl and Sharee and Jenn and Harry are just wonderful and their kids, oh my goodness, we just love them all to pieces.


Sterling and Arabella =the dynamic duo


His mama helping Elliot with his first ever slide…the smile says it all-and that smile kept coming each time he went down the slide!!!!




Rosie enjoys a quick slide-oops, did you really see that???

We met at Starbucks for an afternoon chat (and something wonderful to drink) and then headed to the nearby park for the afternoon.

The kids all had a BLAST-running, sliding, running, jumping, sliding, RUNNING!!!! They were giddy with joy of movement, and we adults were giddy with the joy of sharing in each other's family moments, and the opportunity to actually carry on conversations with "friends".

That is truly the beauty of internet and email, you become connected thru all these  interactions over the last few months, and then when you meet, it's like you have always known them!!!

There are tons of pics that we took of our afternoon at the park, then our walk to the White Swan to see the waterfall and use CLEAN toilets, then our walk back to Lucy's for supper.

Kendell was in heaven with helping little Elliot. He has spina bifida, and a club foot, and had just started walking before his parents picked him up. He is doing fabulous, and really enjoyed his time on the slide!!!


Earl and Sharee's newest daughter, Arabella, is priceless, and their son Sterling, who has been with them for 2 years, is a giggle monster and LOVES to hang out with his new sis-such a beautiful sight to behold.

Arabella is a burn survivor, and has a beautiful face and beautiful spirit, and is blessed beyond measure with 2 parents that simply adore her!!!!

OK, enough of my talk, on with the pics!!!

Lots of love,Chris and the girls


Arabella gets a hand up from her Baba


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Debberoo said...

Your happiness just shines! It is so fantastic to have other families to experience it all with and their children to fall in love with. We bonded so much with our travel group and get together every year.

What a gorgeous group of children you have there! Its fantastic to see them all have so much fun together, just love that they have only just met and are friends instantly!