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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Paper Pregnancy-I am ready to be mama again :)

We are approaching our 9th month of paper pregnancy.
Yes, this has been a f ast adoption
NO, I don't feel like it has been.
To me, it seems like each step of this paperwork that happens on the US side has taken an interminably long time
Has it really been that bad?
No, but still not as fast as others I have been watching.
I think the bad thing about internet is that you know how fast some people get their paperwork thru, and you know how slow some others go
and you are NEVER content with where you are at!!
I don't think there has been one time of any adoption paperwork successes that I have truly been able to say, THANK YOU LORD, without first complaining, sighing, questioning, or any other form of murmuring!
In short, I have been acting like a brat, and I don't like it.
Each step has been pretty fast, pretty effortless, and pretty well in line with others, yet, I am always looking for something better--SIGH!
When will I learn?
When will I be able to say-Thank You God for EVERYTHING you are doing with this adoption? Even if it isn't MY timeline?
It's called having a contented heart. It's called surrendering your plans and hopes and dreams, and letting God lead. I KNOW all of that, but my brain has been telling my heart things that aren't true, and my goodness, I have been a mess because of it.
I have loved Revive our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss for 10 years-and this past week, she spoke to my heart, deeply, about contentment.
And I listened, and I GOT IT!!!
And I am surrendering ALL my plans to you Lord, and I WILL BE CONTENT, with your timing, with your plans, with your EVERYTHING involved in bringing these 2 girls home from Ch*na.
We received our USCIS provisional approval on Nov 17. 24 days after our LOA's came to our doorstep.
On Nov 25, we got an email from the National Visa Center saying our paperwork is in their system-we should be cabled-probably tomorrow-then we wait 2 weeks for Article 5 pickup, so that puts us about Dec 12. Then we get TA, which can take from 3 days to 3 weeks-and plan our travel-looks like it will be into January-unless Ch*na really does "fast track" our paperwork once we get it all back over there this week-but, God knows, and it is in His hands, and we will rest in that, and wait patiently-YES, patiently!!
We have lots of pictures of Rosalyn that I want to share, but there is one special shot that I will share for today, and leave you with this-pray for Daniel. He is Rose's foster brother, and he was one of the 3 that had to go back to the orphanage 2 weeks ago-the new, big building that the government officials needed to fill up with children, many of whom were in foster care.
pray for Rose-she misses him, yet trusts her heavenly Father to keep him safe.
Pray for our family as we prepare to head West and bring home 2 girls-soon !!!
Pray that we hear God speaking and that we have the courage to be obedient and follow where He leads.
In Him

Thursday, November 10, 2011

His banner over me is LOVE!!

Praying God's peace and protection over the ROG Foster Care Program in Guizhou.
There is much need for prayer
Tomorrow, we will know, and I don't know if I can bear the news of who will be sent back to the orphanage after living with the B's for so long in their nurturing, loving home.
See Lynnea's blog to view the precious children who are the ones possibly being sent to the state's new orphanage tomorrow, Friday, 11/11/11.

May HE lead them as the tender shepherd leads His flock,
lovingly, cautiously, gently.
May he hold them in the palm of His hand, protecting them,
strengthening them, loving them.
Oh Lord, we askk you to protect these dear ones, and
give grace to those who are watching them go back.
Protect our girl from fears, and help her to lean on you.
In Him
Chris and family

Monday, November 7, 2011

There is 1 less orphan in the world!!

On Sunday, Nov. 6, a day when many churches in the US were celebrating Orphan Sunday, there was one less orphan in Ch*na.
Little Graice Havilah joined her family, and you can see their gotcha day pics over at her mommy's blog 
We are so excited to see them become a forever family.
I am sure she is missed by her foster family, but what greater joy, knowing they have kept here, protected her, nurtured her, and now handed her off  to her mama and baba FOREVER!!!
She is such a sweet little flower. I am sure her big sister, and virtual twin brother can't wait to have her home with them.
While Gracie's mom and dad were visiting with the foster family, they were able to hand off a package from us to our Rosalyn.
We were happy to send some pictures of us all, a few fun things, like a crazy World Dairy Expo t-shirt, some crazy socks, and a writing pad to help her with her English letters and words.

We are asking you all to join us in prayer for Rosalyn and her foster family!!
They have received some news concerning some of the children in their care, and we just pray our Father, who has all the details worked out, is holding them in the palm of His hand.
We pray His peace upon them, His wisdom and discernment be poured out on them, and His will be done!
May God Bless you as you Pray!
In Him
Chris and family