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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another Daughter???

We are so thrilled to announce another wonderful Blessing we have received this week.
China has accepted our initial request to adopt 2 girls from the Guizhou Province.
Lillianna Grace, who will be 6 in June, has been living in a foster home since she was just days old.
We found her through another wonderful friend on our advocacy email group, and we feel she is another perfect fit for our family.
She and Rosalyn do not know each other yet, but we are sure having 2 older sisters along for the trip home will hopefully make her transition to our family a bit smoother.

She looks like she has tons of personality, and perhaps a shade of naughtiness in her.
We LOVE her pigtails!!
Tyler is beyond excited that he will have a little sister very close to his age.
Kendell is thrilled to have be adding a little sister to our family.
Nick is just happy our family is growing, age, gender, none of that matters too much to him.

We are flying through our paperwork and are very happy to have about everything done that can be done before our homestudy is completed.
There is way more paperwork than we are used to with Taiwan, and lot of hoops to jump through, but they all lead us down the road to our children, and we are pretty excited that this could all happen yet this year.
Actually, because of new regulations China has coming down the pike, it pretty much has to be done this year, and that has given us all a sense of urgency to keep on processing paperwork, filing for certificates and writing out checks.
Our social worker is on-board with an expedited process, and we hope to have the homestudy done by the middle of May-a new record for us, if we make it!!
We met with our homestudy sw on April 15, and can't believe that was only 1 week ago. It seems like so much is happening so quickly-BUT I know things can slow down when we file our immingration approval ap with the USCIS once the homestudy is done.
We have had notoriously horrid experiences the last 2 adoptions, and we are praying our success improves dramatically this time.
We will keep you all posted, as things come up, but keep us in prayer, as the timeliness of this is extremely crucial-the faster, the better!!
Chris and family

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring days on our deck

We had a happy little camper the day we set up a play yard on our deck. It was one of those really warm spring days, lots of sunshine, but still a nip in the air, and our housebound little boys just needed to get out and pig in some dirt. We left a pile of leaves for them to play in, brought up a pail of sand to spill all over, and a few fun toys, and then let them have a fun-filled afternoon.

Isaac is not climbing up the slide yet, by himself, but with some help, he can get up there, and he loves the sliding down part-smiles, giggles, and even when he lands, he is still all smiles.

Tyler had to give a few examples of how to use the triki-Isaiah is still not sure how to ride these things, but he will try anything if Tyler shows him first.

Isaac likes the sitting, not the moving part of these toys. But if you push him slowly, he will walk his feet along side it, so it won't be long and he will discover weigh-bearing and actually pushing himself along is very possible.

2 little boys enjoying the sunshine

Isaasc does not have an aversion to mud, but grass, that is a different story.

Kendell took Isaasc out into the cornfield to watch his big brothers try to fly kites. He had no problems scooting around in the mud, quite a difference from last fall when he wouldn't even touch it!

It was a great day for flying kites, but we didn't get a good picture-but they sure all had a great time!!
Now, this Saturday, we have SNOWagain, and cold wind, so we will have to stay indoors and look at these nice pictures to remember how much fun it was just a couple weeks ago!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Rosalyn Hannah

We are thrilled to bring you the latest news:
our family is adopting again, and we are even more thrilled that we will be adding another daughter to our growing family. Kendell is beside herself with glee over having a sister, she simply can't wait to travel to China to bring her home.

Rosalyn is living in the Guizhou province, in a conservative Christian foster home. She is learning English, she is homeschooled, she has made a profession of faith already, and we can't wait to see what more God has in store for her.
It was truly His hand that brought this all about, as we had no intentions of going this route, but through His carefully orchestrated events of the past month, we are very sure that this is His will for Rose, and for us.
We began to wonder about adding an older girl to our family, and raised some questions about how well a child living in a Chinese orphanage would adapt to our pretty conservtive lifestyle. There were many definite issues raised, and they were mostly things we had already considered-the extreme cultural change, their love for technology and tv and video games, their view of American families coming from Hollywood, and we sure don't measure up to a typical American family via Hollywood.
We were getting a bit discouraged, and all of a sudden, we received an email from a mom who had just returned from China, who knew the PERFECT girl for us. In fact, they have known her for 5 years. And to say she is a perfect fit for us is an understatement.

Rose is 13, and will age-out of the adoption process by her 14th birthday early next year.
We do not want that to happen. We are doing all we can to push through the very monumental mountain of paperwork in record time, so that we can bring her home well ahead of her 14th birthday. She is 11 months older than Nicholas, and will be 14 months older than Kendell. Both children are fine with that. Nick says, "I will still be the oldest boy!" and Kendell is only concerned with having a sister-age matters not one bit to her. A forever sister, a forever friend, a forever bond that she will have with Rose, that will last into eternity!!

We know not everyone will agree with us, not everyone will see eye-to-eye with us, and not everyone will even LIKE our decision.
BUT, we ask you to keep it to yourself, ok? This is our family, this is our prayerful decision. We have done many things in the past few years that many other families have not been asked to do, and we are being obedient to our Lord and Savior. It does not have to make perfect sense to everyone, as long as we are at peace with the decision, and we KNOW this is God's will for our family.
"I am a rose of sharon, a lily of the valley" Song of Solomon 2:1
This is the verse printed on Rose's prayer card, and it is also the verse God used in the past 10 days to reconfirm in my heart that she is meant to be ours.
We ask for prayer during this time for peace in her heart, and in ours, for strength to cheerfully get all the paperwork done, for speed for the process, and for God to knit our hearts together in love and joy before we even travel to bring Rose home!!
We know most of you reading this are thrilled for us, and Rose, and we are so happy to have you along on our journey.
May God's Blessings abound
In Christ's Love
Chuck, Chris and family

Friday, April 8, 2011


In case you are wondering, "what is all this about", take a look HERE, and Here, then come back and read our story tomorrow!!
I promise, it will be unleashed in detail!!
Thanks for sticking with me this week-It has been fun reviewing the past month, leading up to some more big news for our family!We have been on a true walk of faith, and are learning that nothing happens by accident or luck, it is all orchestrated by our Heavenly Father.
My morning meditation from an old puritan prayer book, The Valley of Vision:
"I am a poor, feeble creature when faith is not in exercise,
like an eagle with pinioned wings:
Grant me to rest on thy power and faithfulness,
and to know that there are two things worth living for:
to further thy cause in the world,
and to do good to the souls and bodies of men;
This is my ministry, my life, my prayer, my end.
Grant me grace that I shall not fail."
This could be our family's cry to God for the coming months: "Grant us to rest on thy power and faithfulness."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Isaiah's trip to out-patient surgery

March has been a super-busy month for us. Isaiah needed some teeth worked on. We were so worried that he would lose most of them during the procedure, so when only 2 were pulled, and 8 capped, we were quite happy about that. Of course, it is hard to teach someone to talk when he is missing his 2 front teeth, but we are happy that he feels better, and does not detest having his teeth brushed any more.
The pediatric dentist was very nice, and loves my little guy. Of course, when you see him playing before the procedure, and smiling at everyone with a genuine welcoming grin, who could not love him?

He had fun waiting for his time in surgery-they had quite a selection of toys to keep him occuppied.

Once we were taken into the pre-op area, they brought him some bristle blocks, which we don't have, and he really liked building with them.

He wasn't too sure about getting into pajamas in the middle of the morning, but he is so agreeable, that it didn't take much coaxing, and he as dressed and back on the floor playing and waiting again.
I don't know how we would have handled the morning if it had been his baby brother. Going without food is pure torture for Isaac. Isaiah did smack his lips a couple times, and say, EAT, but was never ornery or upset when food did not present itself.

After they gave him some really foul tasting stuff, he started to relax and wind down. He is the hardest kid to get to sleep if there is anything going on aroung him. He will not shut his eyes-I don't know how he held them open as long as he did!

Still hangin  on, and they were late in coming for him-almost an hour!! Momma and Daddy were starting to get a bit perturbed, but he just decided to lay down and take it easy!

Poor little guy-he did not do so well after recovery-he was quite cranky, and very tired, and very HUNGRY!! Goodness, it was 1:30 in the afternoon, and he was finally able to get some apple juice.
All in all, he did super, and we were very proud of him. His mouth healed up very well, and he is doing great now. He has issues with biting toast or apple slices-he forgets those front teeth are gone, and Mom has to remember to break things into smaller bites for him, but he has really done well since healing.
There is still more to come about our monumental month of March
Check back tomorrow for more!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Day in the Life of 2 little boys!!!

I don't think these pics need a lot of explanation!
2 little boys, enjoying a mild March afternoon
A big sister following them around with a camera!!

God is Good!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Little Boys have official names!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011-Readoption Day!!

Tuesday, March 8 was also another special day for our family this year.
Our 2 littles, Isaiah and Isaac, truly became Isaiah and Isaac. We had our readoption done in Wisconsin, and it feels really good to have all the stuff done that we need to do. EXCEPT FOR THE OFFICIAL SOCIAL SECURITY CARD NAME CHANGE!!
We keep waiting every day for the mail to bring our boys' new birth certificates, so I can scurry to La Crosse, again, and get their names changed, so we can then scurry to our accountant who is holding our taxes up for the new names on our tax return, so we can get our very nice adoption tax refund.
I don't think the day held much interest to either of them, although they did get a new teddy bear out of the deal. And we did some vehicle shopping, and we had lunch at Culvers. The eating out is definitely a highlight for both boys, as they love Culvers custard. Isaac is not talking yet, but his squeals/screams are heard throughout the house when dessert gets brought out, and he is equally loud when we are out in public, much to Nick and Ken's dismay!!
We have been home 10 months. I am sure we have a current record for the fastest readopt so far, within 9 months of coming home.
I look forward to our 1 year post placement report-there is just so much to say about each boy, they have each grown SOOO much, both physically, developmentally, and emotionally. It truly is a gift from God to receive such bundles of love and energy, and then have the privilege of raising them up for His kingdom.
May He find us faithful!!
Check back again, more updates to come throughout the week!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Celebrating Tyler

Tyler and his 3 brothers having fun with MORE pictures

Tyler is definitely the ring-leader of the 3 little boys-today, it was making a train!!

Checking out an amish buggy at a neighbor's auction-he thinks we need on in our yard, for his personal entertainment!!

Love that toothless grin!!

The studious side of Tyler

Tyler and his big brother Nick sure get after each other sometimes, but they SURE DO LOVE EACH OTHER-even if we have to remind them of that at times! They love exploring outside together.

He's got some big boots to fill if he wants to grow up to be like his BABA!!

I am so glad he still likes to play tractors and trucks-it does my heart good to see him on the floor with Isaac and Isaiah!!

Tyler loves to create-with anything-and he has a very active, vivid imagination!

He is also the family clown-he still loves to make us laugh

On March 8, we celebrated 3 years as a family with Tyler. It is so hard to see the years go by so fast. He is still the smiley, animated, excited, busy, happy boy he was in Taiwan, but without all the naughtiness of those first few months.
No, not ALL the naughtiness, just not as much as we went through in the beginning.
Tyler is going to be 7 in July, and we just can't imagine life without him. He LOVES, LOVES his little brothers, and has taught Isaiah so much about playing farm, tractor, and ball. He also loves to hold his baby brother, even though baby brother is not much into being held by anyone. He also loves his big brother, and they spend many happy hours outside doing boy stuff.
His relationship with big sis Kendell is equally wonderful-he will play dolls with her, tolerates her dressing him up like a girl, and loves it when she reads to him.
Tyler is doing very well in math in school. He has a very quick brain, and is very visual. I have a logic workbook that he LOVES working out of, and I think that is part of the problem with his regular school work, it is not very exciting. Doing his 10 facts just doesn't compare to visual stimulation like drawing like patterns, finding differences in pictures, and things like that.
Although he is doing well in math, I am not sure the program I am using is enough of a challenge for him. I may need to change his curriculum a bit, as if he is bored, he is extremely difficult to teach, and can't even pretend to want to be doing the day's assignments.
He is very readable, especially for his momma and big sister. His expressions are always a give-away to what is going on in his heart and mind. BUT he is also one of his sister's favorite photo subjects. He loves to have his picture taken, and it shows by the photos we have of him-almost as many as baby brother Isaac.
We celebrate you Tyler-We love you, and are so glad God brought you into our life.
You write your own story in our family, and we are blessed by it!!
Momma and Daddy