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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another Daughter???

We are so thrilled to announce another wonderful Blessing we have received this week.
China has accepted our initial request to adopt 2 girls from the Guizhou Province.
Lillianna Grace, who will be 6 in June, has been living in a foster home since she was just days old.
We found her through another wonderful friend on our advocacy email group, and we feel she is another perfect fit for our family.
She and Rosalyn do not know each other yet, but we are sure having 2 older sisters along for the trip home will hopefully make her transition to our family a bit smoother.

She looks like she has tons of personality, and perhaps a shade of naughtiness in her.
We LOVE her pigtails!!
Tyler is beyond excited that he will have a little sister very close to his age.
Kendell is thrilled to have be adding a little sister to our family.
Nick is just happy our family is growing, age, gender, none of that matters too much to him.

We are flying through our paperwork and are very happy to have about everything done that can be done before our homestudy is completed.
There is way more paperwork than we are used to with Taiwan, and lot of hoops to jump through, but they all lead us down the road to our children, and we are pretty excited that this could all happen yet this year.
Actually, because of new regulations China has coming down the pike, it pretty much has to be done this year, and that has given us all a sense of urgency to keep on processing paperwork, filing for certificates and writing out checks.
Our social worker is on-board with an expedited process, and we hope to have the homestudy done by the middle of May-a new record for us, if we make it!!
We met with our homestudy sw on April 15, and can't believe that was only 1 week ago. It seems like so much is happening so quickly-BUT I know things can slow down when we file our immingration approval ap with the USCIS once the homestudy is done.
We have had notoriously horrid experiences the last 2 adoptions, and we are praying our success improves dramatically this time.
We will keep you all posted, as things come up, but keep us in prayer, as the timeliness of this is extremely crucial-the faster, the better!!
Chris and family


Chris said...

are'nt U glad that we are getting Lillianna??? I'am!! remember your 2 best Thursday's ever-PA on Rose-& PA on Lillianna(whew,,what a long name!! 9 WHOLE letters!!
see ya'around-

Robin said...

Oh my goodness, your family is growing by leaps and bounds. Congratulatios to you all. Wishing you a speedy paperwork process.

Debberoo said...

Oh what a cutie! Many, many congratulations!! What an exciting time for you all. Fingers crossed the wait won't be too long and you will soon have your two new sweeties home.

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

YOU ARE LIVIN MY DREAM!!! I so want to adopt 2 older girls at the same tme :) Prayers are with yall :)


Katie said...

Amazing news! She is adorable!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Contests!!!!! She is adorable!!!!

Sharon and Michael said...

Woohoo PRaise the Lord. We also have a Liliana Grace here. :) Love the names you've chosen. your girls are precious.

Jaime T. said...

I am so happy for your family and praying that all goes well for you! (Kendell, you make me laugh!)

love3bug said...

How cute is she! WOW, Congratulations again.

Sandra & Steve said...

She is beautiful!!! What a sweetheart, she does look spunky, lol. Two new daughters, you are blessed! Hope all goes well and the process speeds along for you.

Haiti Children's Home said...

Congratulations! Hope that the paperwork goes through quickly and God brings them to your home soon!!!

Annie said...

Two girls???!!! Oh Chris! I am beside myself with joy for you all! She's beautiful. They're both beautiful! Can't wait to follow along.

mlynne said...

Chris- Just e-mailed a reply to you prior to going on your blog after being away and here you have more news! Had to comment here too. Oh, my, oh my, ever so happy for you and esp for Rose and Lilliannna and of course KENDELL! She and they are ever so sweet. Holding you in my prayers and hope the process is super speedy!

Chris said...

OK, another Chris? e-mail me privately. who are you? I'm very excited to see another 'plain' family adopting older!

And please tell me more about the foster home that your older daughter is staying at


The Mayo Family said...

Congratulations to your family!
We are thankful that we found your blog...once again!

Shana said...

Chris, I am soooo behind on blogs and trying to catch up. This is great news!! Wow, congrats!