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Monday, April 4, 2011

Celebrating Tyler

Tyler and his 3 brothers having fun with MORE pictures

Tyler is definitely the ring-leader of the 3 little boys-today, it was making a train!!

Checking out an amish buggy at a neighbor's auction-he thinks we need on in our yard, for his personal entertainment!!

Love that toothless grin!!

The studious side of Tyler

Tyler and his big brother Nick sure get after each other sometimes, but they SURE DO LOVE EACH OTHER-even if we have to remind them of that at times! They love exploring outside together.

He's got some big boots to fill if he wants to grow up to be like his BABA!!

I am so glad he still likes to play tractors and trucks-it does my heart good to see him on the floor with Isaac and Isaiah!!

Tyler loves to create-with anything-and he has a very active, vivid imagination!

He is also the family clown-he still loves to make us laugh

On March 8, we celebrated 3 years as a family with Tyler. It is so hard to see the years go by so fast. He is still the smiley, animated, excited, busy, happy boy he was in Taiwan, but without all the naughtiness of those first few months.
No, not ALL the naughtiness, just not as much as we went through in the beginning.
Tyler is going to be 7 in July, and we just can't imagine life without him. He LOVES, LOVES his little brothers, and has taught Isaiah so much about playing farm, tractor, and ball. He also loves to hold his baby brother, even though baby brother is not much into being held by anyone. He also loves his big brother, and they spend many happy hours outside doing boy stuff.
His relationship with big sis Kendell is equally wonderful-he will play dolls with her, tolerates her dressing him up like a girl, and loves it when she reads to him.
Tyler is doing very well in math in school. He has a very quick brain, and is very visual. I have a logic workbook that he LOVES working out of, and I think that is part of the problem with his regular school work, it is not very exciting. Doing his 10 facts just doesn't compare to visual stimulation like drawing like patterns, finding differences in pictures, and things like that.
Although he is doing well in math, I am not sure the program I am using is enough of a challenge for him. I may need to change his curriculum a bit, as if he is bored, he is extremely difficult to teach, and can't even pretend to want to be doing the day's assignments.
He is very readable, especially for his momma and big sister. His expressions are always a give-away to what is going on in his heart and mind. BUT he is also one of his sister's favorite photo subjects. He loves to have his picture taken, and it shows by the photos we have of him-almost as many as baby brother Isaac.
We celebrate you Tyler-We love you, and are so glad God brought you into our life.
You write your own story in our family, and we are blessed by it!!
Momma and Daddy

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Beth said...

WOW Chris, it's hard to believe it's been 3 years already!! He is such a grown up looking boy and so so cute!!! I loved all the pictures with his brothers!! CONGRATS on your family day!!! :-)