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Monday, February 6, 2012

14 is a beautiful birthday

I never knew.
I never dreamed having a daughter turn 14 could evoke so many emotions in one day.
It was a hallowed day for us.
On Sunday, Rosalyn turned 14.
It was joyous
It was somber.
It was happy.
It was sad.
It was a day to rejoice our new beginnings.
It was a day to ponder her losses.
It was a day like no other. Not even all the goodbyes in China compared with the day
our daughter turned 14.
What if???
she hadn't been adopted?
she was still in China?
she didn't have a forever family?
we hadn't been blessed with such a sweet, loving daughtger?
we had missed out on adding an older daughter due to our fears?
we had not been willing to step out in faith, following where He leads us?
Oh My
My heart can't hardly fathom where we would all be without God's hand on our life in
the last 12 months.
I struggle with the losses Rosalyn has had to face in the last month.
I am blessed with the sense of adventure she has shown for all that has changed in 1 short month.
She has been home in Wisconsin for 2 weeks, and she has turned 14.
A milestone for sure in all our lives.
In her old life, it would have been a door closed forever.
I ponder all those that are aging out, without the hope of a forever family.
I ponder the hopes, dreams, fears, and despairs that all come with that 14th  birthday.
In our world, turning 14 is a great thing.
In her homeland,turning 14 without a mama and daddy is NOT a good thing.
I don't know why God has chosen us for this path.
I feel so inadequate, so unable to do all that He has called us to do.
Yet, "I come back to Jesus,
with tears on my face,
and cry out for mercy,
His love and His grace."

And Lord, I pray for Rosalyn,
"You open the window and pour out a blessing.
Shower your power upon us we pray.
Send such a blessing,
we can  not contain it.
Lord, open the windows of heaven today."

This prayer comes from one of my favorites hymns we sing at church, and at home
Open the Windows of Heaven.
Lord, you truly have opened the windows, and showered us with
your love and grace and peace. This adoption could not have gone smoother.
How we thank you for our girl.
Our special, 14 yr old.
Our lovely Rosalyn Hannah Waughtal!
Bless her Lord, heal her, strengthen her, sustain her through her sad times,
through her losses, through her times of grieving.
Hold her in your everlasting arms.
And Thank You for sharing her with us!!!
Mommy and Daddy

what a smile-and what a crew helping her celebrate!!!

our Chinese noodle stir fry with pork that we had for lunch
I am really liking the experiments that I have created for stirfry, and the girls
seem to be enjoying it immensely as well.

Kendell decorating the cake

Isaac got to clean out the last of the frosting-think he liked it??

opening all the cards first

my favorite of her gifts
"Family, the greatest gift in the world"
thank you Adoption Bug t-shirts

everyone gathered around to inspect the cupcake decorating kit

a card making kit

after everyone got to inspect the gifts, we ended the night
with a few games, and a prayer of gratitude in my heart!!!