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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We love this one-Tyler in a headcovering!!

Children eating has to be the best kind of photo

Check out those cheeks!!

Looks very much like the puppy we sent to him 2 years later!!

You would think it was actually cold there-was this Siberia, or tropical Taiwan?

We are so excited!!

We have just gotten baby pictures of Tyler from TWCA in Taiwan. We asked for some photos of him when we sent in his one-year post-placement report, and we got several yesterday morning.

I am so happy to have a little piece of his past to share with him some day. And, he looks like such a happy baby, just like the little boy that he is-happy, smiley, and loving eating!!
I am however, kind of sad by this as well. Every day, I just kind of take it for granted that he is mine, and sometimes I actually forget that he was/is someone else's too-While I am his forever mommy, there is another momma and grandma/grandpa a long ways away, who will probably never forget their little man. The decision they made 2 years ago to relinquish him brings us much joy every day, as he is just a delight, but the pain they must bear, I can not even imagine it. How very grateful we are to them for sharing such a gem with us.

I know it has been ages since a post, but before bringing everyone up-to-date with what is going on in our lives, I will post these baby pictures first, and try to do another post in a short time (remember, short is relative, and for this way-too-busy farm wife/momma, short could mean another month). But, we do have a 5th birthday just around the corner, and that is always a perfect time for posting, so who knows, maybe next week we'll get some pictures of the gang up and fill you all in on the upcoming changes in the Waughtal home!

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