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Monday, June 4, 2012

Calls for Rejoicing, and some somberness!!

I am THRILLED to say there are 2 families stepping up to pursue Daniel's adoption!!!

Did you hear that??
and guess what?
They know each other!
They are in the same church!!!
How great is our GOD!!!
I love how He works!
I love how He answers prayers!
I just LOVE Him!
I LOVE the song "Dare to be a Daniel"-dare to stand alone, dare to have a purpose firm, dare to make it known-Our Daniel, the Bible reading, Jesus loving, compassionate and emotional Daniel!!!!!!!!
I am so happy that somewhere in the not too distant future, Daniel will have a mama and daddy of his own!!
They both sound like wonderful families, and I LOVE getting connected with others and we all love the same childen-and  love adoption, and  love the Lord!!

This leads me to my note of somberness-some sadness-some sense of loss-
I am a pretty relationship oriented person-I love people, I love others walking the same road, I love being connected with them.
One of the neatest things in the last year has been some of the relationships that were built while we were in process.
NOW, when the process is done, and our girls are home, I feel a sadness to not have notes and updates from the ones who had become so important to me during our journey.
There were so many along the way, and now, wow, hardly any.
Yes, I know life is tough once we all get home, and I know we are all super busy, and I GET that-but I MISS my friends.
I miss the connections, the times of sharing, the specialness of walking thru something together, the privilege of PRAYING together and standing together for a cause, a purpose, a call on our lives to change the lives of the fatherless!!!!
I HATE goodbyes, and I always cry when I have to say goodbye to my folks or any good friends that come for a visit-life is just so unsure, you never know when you "won't" see someone again-
SOOOO, if you are on the adoption road, and you find yourself making new friends along the way, make it a priority to keep in touch?
sometimes a note of love from someone who KNOWS what you have been thru can mean the world to them.
In this day of social medias, I don't do facebook, twitter, or any of the others available.
I like email-so I am old-fashioned-it's just the way I am.
But I do love my friends, all of them, whether I have heard from them in the last 6 months, or not!!!!