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Monday, June 4, 2012

Calls for Rejoicing, and some somberness!!

I am THRILLED to say there are 2 families stepping up to pursue Daniel's adoption!!!

Did you hear that??
and guess what?
They know each other!
They are in the same church!!!
How great is our GOD!!!
I love how He works!
I love how He answers prayers!
I just LOVE Him!
I LOVE the song "Dare to be a Daniel"-dare to stand alone, dare to have a purpose firm, dare to make it known-Our Daniel, the Bible reading, Jesus loving, compassionate and emotional Daniel!!!!!!!!
I am so happy that somewhere in the not too distant future, Daniel will have a mama and daddy of his own!!
They both sound like wonderful families, and I LOVE getting connected with others and we all love the same childen-and  love adoption, and  love the Lord!!

This leads me to my note of somberness-some sadness-some sense of loss-
I am a pretty relationship oriented person-I love people, I love others walking the same road, I love being connected with them.
One of the neatest things in the last year has been some of the relationships that were built while we were in process.
NOW, when the process is done, and our girls are home, I feel a sadness to not have notes and updates from the ones who had become so important to me during our journey.
There were so many along the way, and now, wow, hardly any.
Yes, I know life is tough once we all get home, and I know we are all super busy, and I GET that-but I MISS my friends.
I miss the connections, the times of sharing, the specialness of walking thru something together, the privilege of PRAYING together and standing together for a cause, a purpose, a call on our lives to change the lives of the fatherless!!!!
I HATE goodbyes, and I always cry when I have to say goodbye to my folks or any good friends that come for a visit-life is just so unsure, you never know when you "won't" see someone again-
SOOOO, if you are on the adoption road, and you find yourself making new friends along the way, make it a priority to keep in touch?
sometimes a note of love from someone who KNOWS what you have been thru can mean the world to them.
In this day of social medias, I don't do facebook, twitter, or any of the others available.
I like email-so I am old-fashioned-it's just the way I am.
But I do love my friends, all of them, whether I have heard from them in the last 6 months, or not!!!!


The 4-O-7 said...

Hi Chris. :) Praise God for this wonderful news! (((Hugs))) I know exactly what you are talking about here. I know I haven't been able to socialize as much as before our boys came home. We are much busier than before, but we are also coming to terms with what our new life looks like together as a family of seven. It is not exactly what we had envisioned. We didn't expect this to be an easy road, but we didn't expect some of the challenges we have faced either. It takes so much time and energy, that even when I plan to email my journey friends at the end of the day, I can't keep my eyes open long enough to do it! Please know that even when you haven't heard from me in a while, you are always on my heart and in my thoughts and prayers. Have you ever given any thoughts to farming in the UP? :) Love ya ~Tina

Carla said...


Vicky said...

Chris I love you blog and I'm sorry so many of your friends have fallen away due to the business of life. I am truly grateful to have found you and your blog!

Take care precious one!

Lynnea said...

Love to you dear friend!
Soooo happy and thankful that Daniel has families going for him!
And wish we were closer so we could get together.
Lynnea :)

Tammy said...

Hello Chris.....praying for your family....:)


a friend who was on the same time line as you...home 6 months

Debberoo said...

That's so strange I had just stopped by a few days ago and left a couple of messages on the two previous posts and now I can't see them there.

Anyway hopefully this one will show up. What a lovely boy Daniel is how lucky the family he joins will be and I'm so glad that he will be able to stay connected to Rose through you.

I know what you mean about losing touch with bloggy friends, its so hard to keep up but I love to check in on the blogs and hear how everyone is doing.

p.s Love your Boxer pup, that was one of the comments that disappeared they are my all time favorite breed.

Anonymous said...


kimjax said...

Hi Chris,
I am still here - but every day is a busy day with my ruptured Achilles Tendon. A shower is an event - so I haven't had much time to be online with all the girls' needs and now my PT. I DO check your blog however, and I am so thankful that you post updates! I'll be "back in the game" soon and more regularly communicating. My girls are doing beautifully, but we are homeschooling through the summer keeping us busy as well. One day, we'll have to do a big reunion mid-country, lol! Love, Kim

Sherri said...

So happy to hear about Daniel! I understand the friend thing...I even miss my social worker! I loved her and she was my closest contact for 3 months. I wish so much we lived closer together. Zeke is going through the really tough missing-China phase right now...wish he had some Chinese christian friends close by. Ah well, I need to concentrate on all we do have...so very much. God is good! Also...long comment I know...but I am very interested in following your VPI journey. I think we may be on it too...not sure yet.

The Stein Family said...

Hi Chris, Laura from Texas here again. I really enjoy your posts and check them when I can. A quick update on us--our paperwork is with USCIS and we should be getting our fingerprint appointments soon. Yay!!! I watched videos of our Marlaina a couple of days ago, you know--to remember her anew. :-) I caught our son watching one as well. Very sweet. :-) God's blessings to you all.

Amanda said...

Yeah!!! I have been praying hard for Daniel.

Annie said...

Hi Chris! Yay for wonderful Daniel! So happy he has a hope for a family and a future! I love the name Daniel. I have a little brother and his name is Daniel David. (the youngest of our 7 siblings) He loves the Lord. Such a strong name! A great song too.

Yes! You are right! We sort of get on an adoption communication high and then when the kids get home we get preoccupied with...well...raising them! Then I get sort of sad too that the blog world of busy messaging slows way down. I will try to be more diligent. I have always loved our friendship and you are such an inspiration to me! I would hate to have that go by the wayside. Let us continue to keep up with each other and encourage as sisters in Christ!

Jean said...

So Thankful that Daniel may have a family- God is so good!!
Thank you for advocating for him!!

I understand missing others- people get busy caring for their new children. I want to check others blogs and see how they are doing but then I am needed by a little person.

HUGS to you!!

Darrell, Laura, Luke and Kate said...

Hi Chris,

Just stopping by to let you know I am thinking of you and your family. We now have I800a approval for our precious girl and are trying to get through the next step (State approval). God's blessings to you, Laura in Texas

Vicky said...

Hi Chris, I thought about you this morning and realized I had not read your blog in some time. I pray that things are going well for you and your family! Since I've returned to work, I've had a hard time taking pictures and keeping up. I am more in love with my girls each day!

Joe and Jane said...

Hi Chris! Post some new pics! I hope you are all doing well!

Tia said...

I've just started following your blog, but am thrilled to know that Daniel will have a family! That is wonderful news. Facebook is nice to be able to keep in 'touch' with some of those adoption friends, but it is NOT the same thing as phone calls, visits, and so on. Still, I am glad that I can keep in touch with a few of them that way. God Bless!