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Friday, January 28, 2011

Good-Bye Garner Hill Road

Today is Jan. 28, 2011. We have been off the big farm for one year today.

I have been fondly remembering our 5 years on this beautiful farm, and and all the joys and adventures and all the work we had here. I have also been guilty of grieving about our leaving here, and had to do some reminiscing through pictures to heal my hurting heart.

I know living here was an act of our loving God. I know leaving here was also an act of our loving God, but I have lamented the loss of the huge house, the beautiful, huge yard, the lovely woods, and all the space there.

I do not regret living here, nor do I regret moving, as I know the work load for our family was overwhelming and exhausting. But I am human, and I do miss the physical comforts of this farm.

But I celebrate Brian and Jaime's one year anniversary. They are doing a wonderful job, and love the place as much as we did. That had been our prayer when we were trying to sell, that someone would find it who loved it as we did. I could not have handpicked better buyers/friends/now employers!

May God Bless your next year, and give you wisdom in all you do!!


Chris and family

Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with me.

It has been a wonderful trip, and I needed the reminder of God's wonderful provisions in our life

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