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Monday, January 17, 2011

2010 in review

Surely God was in this place and I knew it not!

Gen. 28:16

If I had to have a theme verse for the past year, the above would be the one. I have never felt so far from God, and yet, in looking back over the year, I see His hand in everything!

I am ashamed of my distance from God, of my coldness, and my lack of prayer and time in His Word. Yet, by the end of the year, He was gently drawing me back to Himself, and I have to say, I have found it to be true, we are loved with an everlasting love, and.

underneath are the everlasting arms.

I have taken you on a tour of our year, and though it is quite lengthy, I think about 90 pictures, I think if gives a good example of our life in 2010.

I have also found, if I did this more regularly, I would not need to spend an entire afternoon uploading pictures!!

Oh well, it is only mid-January, and maybe I can hit this new year a bit more frequently.

Blessings dear friends!

Amish neighbors on their way one Sunday morning to Sunday school at our friend Edwins house.

Christmas with Chuck's family-mom, dad, and sister Jan

their children and grandchildren, and great-grands too

Nick with his new air rifle

Kendell with her new bike

The whole tribe with all their new sleds-thanks Grandma and Grandpa Waughtal

Christmas with my side-the cousins opening gifts

our annual family picture

me and my mom!!

the cousins hamming it up

a lot of snow

love these sights on our road! but glad I drive a vehicle!!

the scene from my kitchen patio door

Isaiah enjoys sledding-but he says, BRRRRR

Isaac loves the action of sledding and being outdoors

Nick milking with Edwin our Amish neighbor and friend

Kendell likes to milk cows too

the pipeline was kinda high, but they managed very well

Nick was our right hand man for evening chores

saying goodbye to the cows

Isaiah turns 4

oops-motor man had to get into that toybox

this became a daily ritual for about a month-now we never see it anymore

sandbox time

2 little boys shredding a Country Woman

Our first day of school-a full day!!

Our science co-op met every 2 weeks to discuss astronomy
The children loved it-Apologia is a great curriculum

Kendell giving her report on the first astronauts to the moon

Nick giving his report on blue moons

the results of a day of canning applesauce
over 60 quarts canned in one day-no failures!!

2little boys watching the apple sauce process

cranking out that beautiful pink sauce on a great fall day

that's a lot of apples to cook down-kind of a daunting task for this momma this year

already sliced apples!!!!!

but they sure taste good every time we open up a new jar!!
5 bushels-that's a lot of apples

remembering the deer park

fun at the deer park...

great fun swimming

Isaiah really likes playing with tractors-he and Tyler get a long just great

don't leaves and kids just go together???

Kendell is getting to be quite the photographer!! I LOVE this picture of our little man

so glad those heart issues are over with

my baby girl got baptised this summer after making a re-committment to the Lord back in March

5 precious children

Tyler hams it up for his 6th birthday-he is always a clown
but he sure adds a sparkle to our day-still the Tornado of the family

our baby's first few times of standing-way back in July
I think we have a 2nd tornado coming up

first days together

Grandpa's birthday

our friends and their precious 4 daughters from Taiwan, and 1 from China

first family photo

meeting Isaiah's foster families

our new HOME-would it ever feel and look like home?

How do you make anything of this chaos??

from this

to this-much better

planting oats

nick and dad planting oats and hay...
I love watching them work together!!

my cousin Val and his wife Brenda-the planners behind my trip to Colorado

visiting Garden of the gods, and a view of the Rocky Mountains

scenes of the colorado mountians...

the beautiful colorado mountians...

My aunt and uncle, and Val and brenda

My precious aunt and uncle-50 years of marriage-the reason for the trip to Colorado
and I wouldn't have missed it for the world

meeting their guests at the party

Val helping his mom with her meal-which he and Brenda planned and prepared!!

our new farm

visiting the Creation Museum in Kentucky

our trip to PA for Eric and Dara's wedding-they were also the lovely couple who stayed with our children and did our chores while we went to Taiwan

Kendell turns 11

free time at our rental house-Tyler and Nick built stuff with the erector set and Tyler loves that stuff

enjoying the creek by the rental house

The new owners are driving in on a snowy Sunday morning after driving across the country from Washington State

Daddy's birthday

Nick's birthday starts the year out on Jan. 3rd.

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Diane said...

What precious memories you have and what a beautiful family! I can't wait to see what God has in store for your family this year!