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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

It has been a crazy fall, but Kendell has summed it up well for us-we just need to get used to it, life is just always going to be crazy!
So, I guess I will try to swallow hard, and take my daughter's advice-"Get used to it" Life goes by in whirlwind procession, and we just need to hang on and do the best we can with each hour of each day!!
Today we had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. It was very cold outside, but inside, yummy smells and hot ovens kept us toasty and completely full by the end of the day.
Aside from cooking a full turkey dinner, we also made time for some family photos-finally, in good clothes, something suitable for a photo card at Christmas-FINALLY!!
So, the next job will be a long-overdue letter to family and friends-I think I skipped last year, but we have so much to talk about this year, I probably won't get any awards for brevity.
The boys are doing very well, Isaac will surely be walking by his 2nd birthday. Isaiah is trying very hard to speak all the time-his want to is great, we just need to channel all the energy in the right direction now.
I am so not ready for cold weather, but I guess it is time-goodness, Christmas will be here in 4 weeks, and I haven't done anything about that either-I can really tell the difference between 3 kiddos and 5-wow, where do the days go?? The only hours I seem to have are after they are all in bed and Chuck is milking-he milks the night shift 3 nights a week-I don't like it, but it gives me some computer time, otherwise, there wouldn't be any during the day-Isaac just won't allow much time for anything but HIM!!!!
I still have some posts I want to do from the fall activities, but who knows-I also want to update the blog with a new look, since we aren't farming right now-but I don't know when that would happen-maybe that will be my New Year's resolution? Goodness, 2011 is just around the corner- I really feel like life is passing me by, but I am also loving it-
We are so blessed, life has been good, despite the changes, and the children are true gifts from God. As long as we have a roof over our heads, plenty of food in the freezer and pantry, and clothes to wear, what do we have to worry about?
Ok, time to head to bed, and no, I am not doing Black Friday shopping-I prefer internet-it's safer and cheaper-not so many impulse buys-when I get the time to do it!

Some of the things we listed on our gratitude list last night include:
-Our Savior's Blood, shed for us
-God's Word, the Bible
-A home
-A job for Chuck
-A church family
-solid Biblical teaching we sit under each Sunday
2 boys with healed hearts (Nick and Isaac)
school is going very well this year
our farm and land
our co-op group and the time we spend together studying Astronomy
our health
food and clothes

Chris and family


Sandra & Steve said...

Love all the pictures, everyone looks great, so happy! What a joyful Thanksgiving. Love your post, good reminders of what to be thankful for.

Annie said...

Beautiful family photo! Did you make those clothes, Chris?? I suppose you did, oh Mom of Many Talents. :) They look lovely!
I feel the same way. We keep busy, everyday, months, season, and always have something to get done around here. My mom said that is how it is when you are raising kids. (I am one of 7!) She said we can rest when we are 65... maybe. So, I guess I better "just get used to it" too! :)