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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

family fun at the deer park

This post is really a continuation of the one below, so I will save time and let you enjoy the pictures of my lovely family enjoying a beautiful fall afternoon at the deer park!!
A picture is worth 1000 words!! Here are a few more than one, but they are just so darn photogenic!!
I just love my family-they are so precious to me!!

Tyler takes time to pet the deer, and they love it

Isaac was not too sure about all this, but he was game for anything!!

What a tender, sweet little boy
we are soooo blessed

momma and her little darlings

Are they sweet, or what???

Our first family picture!!

A close-up view for Isaiah

NIck, my serious, intense young man

Kendell loves animals-my only baby girl is growing up

father and son time!!

Ahem, is this really necessary????I think that's close enough Miss Deer

Everyone likes feeding the goats too!!

What a day!!


Amy said...


I love the pictures - your family is so beautiful! I'm so glad that you were able to have a fun-filled day!


Joe and Jane said...

What great pictures! And I love the family photo!

Annie said...

Chris, it is so clear how much you love your kids! Really neat opportunity at the Deer Farm! What a peaceful and fun life you lead on the farm. I live in Orlando and work at Disney World. Many people think that would be the most awesome life. It does have it's highlights that's for sure, and our family is happy, but it is non - stop busy people, tourists, lots of activity and noise. I often long for the quiet life, nature and peace that I see on your blog!