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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Greetings to one and all at this joyous time of year. It has been another momentous, extremely busy year for the Waughtals, and I wanted to take a moment to touch base with everyone we hold dear in our hearts and fill you in on happenings from Hillsboro.
The most awesome news of the year occurred in February when we received word from the Taiwan courts that Tyler was officially ours. We all 4 traveled in March to bring him into our family, and we are now a very close family of 5-he fits into our family like a hand fits a glove-it has been truly amazing how God had prepared each of our hearts for the addition of a son and brother, and he is much loved and adored by all of us, and it is apparent he feels the same way about all of us.
We have 2 cancer survivors on both sides of our family. 2008 was definitely a year for medical issues. Chuck’s mom had bladder cancer, my mom’s husband, Lee, had prostate cancer-as of Dec 18, they are both declared cancer free!! Praise GOD!!
My uncle from Greenwoood was in a major car wreck in Aug, and after 10 weeks in the hospital, went home, and is recovering and regaining strength and energy every day, again, another MAJOR Miracle in 2008!!
Chuck has had many issues with asthma over the past year, and it is due to this major health concern that we have decided to sell our farm. We listed it in October, and have had many lookers, some potential still exists for someone to come along and purchase it-but we are steadfastly waiting on God to direct and guide us through this very difficult season of uncertainty-we are determined to be in His will in our decisions, not rushing out on our own, and that requires much patience, wisdom, and more patience, as we wait to see what He has in store for our family in 2009.
Home schooling has been wonderful this year. We are again involved in a homeschool co-op through the church we attend, and it has become the momentum for our schooling-we have been studying birds and flying insects through the eyes of creation, and it is amazing and humbling to see how God has ordained EVERYTHING in our universe-and if He cares about the birds and insects, He cares about you too, dear friend!! And we have been reminded again, and again, how much He really does love us, and hears our prayers.
We are all looking forward to our much-needed time away with family over the next few days to celebrate Christmas, and we pray each of you has a special place and time where you will be together with loved ones remembering the Babe born in a stable, over 2000 years ago. May the peace and love of Christ go with you through the new year, and may his love shine in your heart and in your life!!

Blessings in His dear and precious NAME:

Chuck, Chris, Nick, Kendell, and Tyler