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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Family fun pictures

Well,things have been quiet on the blog for the last 2 months, for MANY reasons, but today, I wanted to share our fun family pictures we took while on an afternoon outing to our nearby state park.
The weather was cool and breezy, and we opted for FUN and casual over formal and "not a hair out of place"(as you will see from the photos:) )
I promise to be back soon with updates from our end of summer, early fall busy season on the farm.

Overall, I would say, not too bad for using the self-timer with the camera on a tripod, and keep in mind,these are unedited.
We have a unanimous favorite, what do you all think? Which one is YOUR favorite???

It was a very fun afternoon, and even though we took LOTS of pictures, everyone stayed happy and cooperative throughout the time.
We took many individuals of each child, I'm not sure what their individual favorites are, but here are mine:

Isaac, age 5 1/2

Isaiah, age 8

Lilianna, age 9

Lili was doing the squished eyes smile all day, there was only 1 of her with her eyes open, but she is still CUTE.
These littlest 3 are usually the hardest to get really good pictures of-so all in all, I think their pictures turned out really good.

Next up is Tyler-you hardly ever get a BAD picture of Ty-he loves having his picture taken, and comes up with lots of his own ideas of WHERE to be:

Tyler, age 10

He is such a joyful guy, a tad mischevious, and VERY loving.
We can't imagine what life would be like without him.

Rosalyn, age 16 1//2

Rose has come a long way in the last few months, and I think she has many more happy days than melancholy ones. She is finding her groove, and adapting to life in our busy family, and we are thankful for God bringing her into our life.

Next is Kendell. Home the longest, hitting 14 years the beginning of September, she is really into farming and cows, and loves being outside working in the barn or helping at the neighbor's farm.
I miss my baby girl who loved all things purple, bible stories before bed, and snuggles all day long.
Enter, a teenager with distinct likes and dislikes, and not afraid to tell you them, loves to read her own choice of books, prefers a pat on the shoulder to an all-out hug, and don't even mention purple or pink being added to her wardrobe:)
I love her in all her stages and ages, and I know God has some big things for her. She's creative, loves photography and writing, and can talk to anybody.

Kendell, age 15 1/2

Last but not least, our almost 16 yr old son, home 13 years in July, able to fix about anything that breaks down on this farm, or in the house, lover of knowledge, serious-minded, not a huge talker, but a deep thinker. He is also following hard after the Lord, and is eagerly searching out what God would have him do with his life.

Nicholas, 15 3/4

I love our family, and am feeling very blessed to have such wonderful, loving children.
True gifts from God!!!
Chris for all 9 ofus