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Monday, May 31, 2010

Our Babies!!


Isaiah loves to slide

Our first glimpse of Isaiah

Mommy and her baby

Isaac loves toys like this

Daddy getting acquainted with his little man

Enjoying a little bottle-he doesn't really like it very much

We were delighted to spend a day with our boys yesterday at
the Jonah House in Taipei.
We started out in the morning meeting Penny, the english
speaking social worker at the Jonah House, and then heading right up to the
nursery to meet Isaac. He is surrounded by nurses that really love him. It
appears he was extremely sick a year ago in March-and they almost lost him-and
he is very special to all of them. I will try to get some pictures today of all
of the nurses-it is unbelievable how much they think of him.

AfterIsaac went down for his morning nap, we had a bit of time
to ourselves, which we spent wondering how life was really going to be when we
get home with our 2 boys. I think we have been so busy up to this point we
haven't had much time to ponder the extent of our decision to bring these 2 boys
into our homes and lives. There is a bit of fear and trembling in both of us as
we recognize there will be many hours of doctor visits ahead of us, therpaies of
many different kinds. Isaac is currently in occupational and physical therapy,
Isaiah is in developmentally slow classes.

We had to do some memory work yesterday-how we found these
boys, how we felt led to them, how we prayed and prayed for God to lead us to
our future children and how we alwasy prayed for Him to shut doors we aren't to
go through. Well, He never shut any doors, and other than the paperwork taking
such a long time to arrive, the entire process has been incredibly smooth
and uneventful-even quick-we had Cathwel's approval in 1 day-the court process
was only a month long-we just have to deal with our own fears, and remember we
have 2 little boys who need us very much, and there are 3 waiting at home who
think the world of them and can't wait for them to come home.

In the afternoon, we went upstairs to meet Isaiah, and did he
ever smile when we walked into the room. He loves toys that make noise, or have
lights on them, and he loves to build with legos, and enjoys slides and all
sorts of riding toys. He is a lovely little boy, and he seems very smitten with
his little brother, always wondering where he is and what he is doing.

Today, we will bring them back to the Agora for the day, and
return them to the Jonah House for tonight.

Until later

Chris and Chuck

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Monday Morning

A bit fuzzy, but the mountains are beautiful in the background-and it's SUNNY!!

After all these years, I finally need a crib!!!

Our bedroom is literally sorrounded by the city/mountain sites!

We do really enjoy Taipei-it is a fascinating city!

We made it to Taiwan with an very uneventful flight-we actually slept through most of the overseas portion-thankfully!
We both had very little sleep the 2 nights before we left, like 2 hours, and the stress of leaving our farm and the 3 kids at home made for some long hours of apprehension.

But, it was all for naught, as all is going very well.Align Center

We meet our boys today, and I don't even have butterflies in my tummy-YET!!

We are staying at the Agora again, but it is different without our other children here with us.
I am thankful for the laptop we just purchased, as it is SOOOO nice to be able to do emails, check news, and skype from the privacy of our own room.
Tonight, we will Skype with the older 3 and find out how it is all going on the farm!

I have a few pictures of the view from our room. We are at the end of the tower, and have surround-the room views of Taipei!
Today, it is sunny, although they are calling for 60% chances of rain every day we are here.
Yesterday, it was rainy and dreary/gray all day. We are thankful for the sunshine today!!

Chris and Chuck

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May updates


photos of both boys together!!!

Isaac and his nurses

Isaac and his braces-gotta love that support

such a happy boy

We were very pleased to receive updated info and photos of our boys on May 3-the largest batch of photos we ever got
We were especially blessed to see pics of the 2 boys together. Cathwel has recently begun to get them together once a week in preparation for our picking them up.

I will give more updated info later, but wanted to get some pics out there for everyone to see!!




I can't believe it has been sooooo long since I last posted
Of course, we have had a whirlwind of a life for the last 3 months, some of which I will not be sharing, much that I will be sharing!!
The biggest news to date is our travel call
On April 15, we got word of our civil ruling for the boys-with an anticipated May 28 departure date.
On April 15, it seemed like a LONG time before traveling
On May 19, it seems like, Oh My Goodness, how will we ever get it all done in time???
We are so excited to meet our boys in person
We are so excited to be adding to our family
and we are SOOOO excited to be skyping with them and their social worker tonight and next Wednesday
The part about talking to them online seems a bit strange and un-doable, but the part about seeing them live and almost in person is very thrilling!
We also have new photos of them-together, and I will be posting them next
I just had to give a brief update and get back to the business of getting ready for travel!!