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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some end of summer fun

we have had so many changes this year, it is almost too much to assimilate, much less write about.

Selling one farm, renting a small home in a very small town for 2 months, a 10 day grip to PA and the Creation Museum, followed by a very fast purchase of another farm.

Flying to Colorado one week later for my aunt and uncle's 50th, and the same day getting our travel news for our boys!!!

Breathless, and we ain't done yet...

home again, trying to make this old house into a home, and also trying to get ready to add 2 new boys within a few weeks-can you say nerve-wracking???

Time to travel, my computer crashes, the house is still not really ready, flooring is going in as we head out the door, children staying home with a lovely young couple from our church-the reason we went to PA, their wedding in March-

still with me?

A new farm, lots of issues, lots of rain, way too much rain, way too much mud, Chuck is in over his head with mud and chores, I'm swimming in tears, how can this be sooooo hard??? and we thought we were down-sizing???

Nick is outside all day long helping his dad, he is such a wonderful son, so eager to try anything, so wanting to please, and make life a bit easier.

10 days in Taiwan,

2 new boys, a baby that was all baby, a 3 1/2 yr old that was much better than we were expecting, home again to more rain, and then the HEAT, and MORE RAIN, and more mud.

Half way through the summer, Chuck decides we are selling the cows!!

NO!!! How can we do this? What will we do? I love cows, and milking them, and the lifestyle!!


In a day and age when jobs are hard to find, he has a job, we can rent our farm land and buildings, and he can be home a lot, as he is working for the couple that bought our big farm in January.

So, Sept comes, and the cows are going-

Hence, school is postponed until October, because, we are going to take SOME TIME to be a family for at least a few days before the new job starts.

The kids are going to go visit their grandparents and cousins for a much-needed break, and we are going to take time to slow down, and heal from the pace of the last 5 years, or maybe the last 15, which is how long we have been milking.

I still cry when I think of the change in our lifestyle. I love his employers, they are like family, that is not this issue, it is the loss of a lifestyle, the letting go of a dream for our boys, the empty feeling I have with no reason to go outside each day and work hard for part of my day.

Not that mothering isn't hard, or home-schooling (that's another post)

Which brings me to this post-some downtime for our family at a motel overnight, lots of fun in the pool-all 7 of us, and then, our annual trip to the deer-park.



It was definitely a time for smiles and laughter for all of us!!

Isaiah is doing so well, and loved being in the water-he really got the hang of walking and floating and could even get himself upright when he fell or tripped-he had so much fun!!

Isaac is changing before our very eyes-each day brings new tricks-here, he is studying everything, with his tongue out-we were sure he would bite it off in all his excitement in the water

He is such a water baby-LOVES it!!

Isaiah really had a great time playing in the water-he is game for about anything!!
I'll be back soon with an update on the boys-there is so much to tell!!


Amy said...

Wow, you've had a ton of stuff to deal with! I'm sorry about the cows - I know that emotionally it must be very difficult. I hope that you are able to take a little family time to charge your batteries and regroup. :-)

Love seeing the pictures of the kids. Take care, and I pray for peace and joy in the upcoming months for you and your family!


Sandra & Steve said...

That is a lot to deal with, life changing, I'll be sending positive thoughts and prayers that all goes well for you and your family through this transition.

I have to say, your children look wonderful and very happy. That group shot of you with them is wonderful! To see the two newest thriving in your loving home touches my heart.

Michele said...

Hi Chris,
Our blog is naddyfamily@blogspot.com

Thanks for all your advice and support as we prepare to travel.