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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Seal!!

We have a boy who can do something no one else can. He scoots around on the floor in "seek and destroy" mode, looking for his next victim, and when he finds something that meets with his satisfaction, he will put his hands down on the floor, push himself up like a half a push-up, grin from ear to ear, and then clap his feet together behind him,

and it is SOOOOO cute. The video does not do him justice, but I had to try to capture this at least once, before he learns to walk, and all these cute little baby ways are gone forever.


mlynne said...

Chris- SOOOOOO cute. Loved watching not only those cute, busy legs but the concentration, too.

I will have to take a peek at your email in the next few days to write you regarding how you feel about your Miss Kendall and my Miss Katherine possibly becoming pen pals? Thought they could compare and share regarding being / becoming big sisters (obviously, Miss K is still waiting). A thought?

Thanks for sharing, always love to see the kiddos in "action".
Keep well-
Regards & Blessings-
Michelle Lynne

Sandra & Steve said...

ok, that is the cutest thing ever! He has such great flexibilty and dexterity. So smart to capture these precious moments now. I still remember how our little Alea at 7 months was able to roll over on her back with her arm under her body going the other way and be comfortable. Not sure I ever got it on camera. I agree with the other comment too, about his concentration, so focused.

Annie said...

LOL Chris! That is so cute and unique! He looks so nimble with those legs and feet, he may be future gymnast! I love how he is so busy with that truck.

Robin Sampson said...