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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fun at the creek

We have a little creek that runs across the corner of our property. It can be hardly a trickle, yet at times it is more like a little river. One 95 degree sultry day in July, Chuck thought we should take the kids down there for a dip in the COLD water. They were thrilled, and I was so glad I came after them with the camera.
We had recently had a torrential rain, one of MANY over this past summer, and there were signs that our little creek had been a raging river for a short time, as grass and debris were scattered all over, and you could see how high the water had been on our culvert, actually, running over the road-now that was a lot of water!!
The kids had a grand time exploring the water, and were shocked at how cold it really was. But it felt good on a humid, hot day, and it was good clean fun for our family for the afternoon.

heading down the road a 1/4 mile

2 sun-dried little boys

our boxer Sadie had to get into the cool waters too

along with Reggie our adopt-a dog

and Princess, our 2nd adopt-a dog-she came with the farm we just purchased this spring, and we are so glad to have her

How can you love someone so much???

It is very hard to get 5 children looking the same way at the same time

Baba and his baby boy

This gives a pretty good shot of the height of the water a few days earlier

I think Nick was stunned by the coldness, but loved the chance to cool off after working so hard on chores all day long

Tyler had to get completely wet-such a fun-loving boy!!

Isaiah had to sit down too, but was not too sure about that coldness

Isaac said NO WAY am I getting my feet into that

Water ran over the fence between our property and our neighbor's pasture, and I was standing up on the road looking down at them having such a good time

Kendell takes such good care of her little brother
It was a fun afternoon, and I can't believe it was 2 months ago, and now we have 60's during the day, and 40'2 at night. Such a change in such a short time.
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Sandra & Steve said...

What a wonderful family time, so glad you shared the pictures. The one of all your children, just lovely. Your two newest little ones are just glowing. They have changed so much already! That stream sounded like perfect fun.

Annie said...

Beautiful family, Chris! What a fun day out in the creek. It looks so refreshing. Reminds me of growing up in Colorado and going up into the mountains on the weekend and walking in the river.

Shana said...

I'm with Isaac. No way would I touch that cold water:) Love the pics!