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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where did the summer go?

I apologize for the photos being newest to oldest. If it wasn't so long in between posts, I would remember how to do it the right way, and I also would not have so much to do all at one time.
Hoping for another catch-up post later this week!!

My baby wearing his heart monitor for 24 hours-I am thankful he was such a good boy during the time, it really never bothered him, or slowed him down one bit. The beauty of being 17 months old!!
We had to move the box from front to back several times a day, depending on play time, eating time, or sleep time!! Kendell was a very good helper, and takes such good care of both little boys anytime I need help!

Isaac can really have some wild hair after a bath!

The magic of digging in mom's cupboards-and the joy of pots and pans!!

It's not very often that they both get into the pots, but sometimes, they will play together.

Daddy and Isaiah having a father son chat during Grandpa Chuck's birthday party in July.

Tyler getting in on the fun with his cousin Cassie-he has felt a bit left out, but overall, has adjusted very well to having 2 little brothers who are getting ALOT of everyone's time and attention.

Cassie enjoying time with Isaac-she is a senior this year, and I remember when she was BORN!! Goodness, where do the years go?

Isaac and Chuck's sister Jan, better known as Aunty JuJu --Kendell donned her that when she was 2 years old and spending her days with Grandma and Aunty while waiting for us to come home from Russia with Nick. The name has stuck ever since!

Grandpa Chuck and most of his grand and great grand children-there are a few missing!

My Dad and stepmom made it over for a visit in July. It seems everyone is all smiles for that first visit!
My brother's 2 daugthers, Alicia and Mirissa, enjoyed meeting their cousins. The overnight stay went very quickly. They made it back for another visit before school started when my mom brought them in August.

My brother Kyle and his wife Sara, and all the cousins!

3 little boys having a blast with Legos!! Aren't they a boy's best friend?

Isaac spending some time with Grandma Margie. He has changed so much since this picture, it is hard to imagine how fast they grow.

We are still here-in case anybody has missed us, and been wondering. The world of farming, and 2 new children has really decreased my computer time this summer. And it was so dreadfully hot, and we were always so busy, but now that I was forced to upload all my summer's photos due to a 3 month report being due, I thought it would also be a good time for an update on us.

Life is going very well, with our 2 new additions. Isaiah is really showing us his little, sweet disposition, except for 2 little issues he has-being told no, and sharing. But that will come with time, I am sure.

Isaac has had a wonderful summer and come so far, and we are thrilled with his progress. The best news of the summer was from our ped. cardiologist. She ran him through numerous tests, including a 24 hour heart monitor test, and repeated 2 blood tests, and we have found out that he is HEALED!! Praise the Lord! He has no irregular heart beat, his liver, kidney and thyrhoid are all functioning well, and he is off all meds!
We were thrilled to get this news, for sure, and now we are busy about the work of getting him caught up developmentally. We are going to be using Birth-3, a state program, and will have therapists in the home once a week until we are content that he is caught up with his age.
While he is not crawling more than a few steps, he will crawl the final 3-4 "steps" to his destination, and pulls himself up very confidently to a standing position. He loves looking at life from an elevated position, just can't figure out how to stay that way for the long haul.
He has no real desire to feed himself yet, but is putting a spoon or toothbrush into his mouth, and chews on his finger quite voraciously. He has been teething most of the summer, and to say momma is sleep deprived would be putting it mildly. I have faith we are nearing the end of the toothing stage for awhile, but now we have a new battle to overcome, the waking 3-4 times a night for the accustomed bottle. While teething, it was "anything that works" to calm him back to sleep, but now, wow, what a screamer he can be when the desired bottle is not brought forth at midnight, 1 or 2 am.
Isaiah has had a fun summer of tractor rides, skid steer rides, and lots of playing time with his siblings. He is content in the sand for hours, and we are used to our yard looking like a used Little Tykes sales lot again, as he has more toys to ride than he could possibly play with.
Tyler is very happy to show him the ropes of all the riding toys, and loves keeping his little brother busy in the sand pile when the rest of us are milking cows. They are fast buds, and Isaiah has really bonded with Tyler from day one.
I hope to add a few more posts later this week, with lots of photos from the summer. BUT, you never know, it could be another month of so at the rate I actually sit down and do this.
We are enjoying a beautiful September, and tomorrow our little man turns 4. I will try to post pics asap!


mlynne said...

WOW, Chris, what a busy, busy life. Just wanted to let you know know, yes, you are missed (I frequently look down on my Taiwan Buddies Section of my blog to see if you posted), news that the boys are thriving, healthy (but keeping Mummy awake) is the absolute best of news. The love these two are getting from you and your family makes all the difference. It amazes me how you juggles so much with the family and farm! I'm touched by your Kendall, hoping and praying, our Miss K is as helpful and as affectionate when her sibling arrives.

And yes, where did the summer go? We are almost a month into school start and summer feels long gone by now.

Thanks for sharing
Regards and Blessings,
Michelle Lynne

mlynne said...

I just re-read what I wrote after publishing, clarification needed: I wasn't suggesting it is the best of news that you are not getting enough sleep-hoping that department of motherhood vastly improves, quickly, sleeps a need, not a luxury. Keep well-
Michelle Lynne

Sandra & Steve said...

What a wonderful update! I've seen you post a bit on the yahoo group. So happy for the good health news! Both of your beautiful boys sound like they're doing great. They are absolutely adorable.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have been thinking about you! Glad your family is doing well! We came home with our little guy in July and at the time it seemed like you were way before us! Mary Rose

Mary Rose said...

Don't know how I ended up as anonymous, on the last post! Mary Rose Lombardi