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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Isaiah's trip to out-patient surgery

March has been a super-busy month for us. Isaiah needed some teeth worked on. We were so worried that he would lose most of them during the procedure, so when only 2 were pulled, and 8 capped, we were quite happy about that. Of course, it is hard to teach someone to talk when he is missing his 2 front teeth, but we are happy that he feels better, and does not detest having his teeth brushed any more.
The pediatric dentist was very nice, and loves my little guy. Of course, when you see him playing before the procedure, and smiling at everyone with a genuine welcoming grin, who could not love him?

He had fun waiting for his time in surgery-they had quite a selection of toys to keep him occuppied.

Once we were taken into the pre-op area, they brought him some bristle blocks, which we don't have, and he really liked building with them.

He wasn't too sure about getting into pajamas in the middle of the morning, but he is so agreeable, that it didn't take much coaxing, and he as dressed and back on the floor playing and waiting again.
I don't know how we would have handled the morning if it had been his baby brother. Going without food is pure torture for Isaac. Isaiah did smack his lips a couple times, and say, EAT, but was never ornery or upset when food did not present itself.

After they gave him some really foul tasting stuff, he started to relax and wind down. He is the hardest kid to get to sleep if there is anything going on aroung him. He will not shut his eyes-I don't know how he held them open as long as he did!

Still hangin  on, and they were late in coming for him-almost an hour!! Momma and Daddy were starting to get a bit perturbed, but he just decided to lay down and take it easy!

Poor little guy-he did not do so well after recovery-he was quite cranky, and very tired, and very HUNGRY!! Goodness, it was 1:30 in the afternoon, and he was finally able to get some apple juice.
All in all, he did super, and we were very proud of him. His mouth healed up very well, and he is doing great now. He has issues with biting toast or apple slices-he forgets those front teeth are gone, and Mom has to remember to break things into smaller bites for him, but he has really done well since healing.
There is still more to come about our monumental month of March
Check back tomorrow for more!


Joe and Jane said...

Sounds like no fun. I'm glad he's healing well!

Beth said...

Glad to hear he's healing so well!!! :-)

Gail said...

sounds like he was a trooper:) Good job, Isaiah!

Chris said...

hello,mom!!!!!!!!!!!i like your blog so much!!!you do a nice job!!