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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Day Helping Grandpa and Grandma

Hello All,
We have had a busy month of March, and I have several posts I will be doing this week to get us all caught up with the excitement in our family!
To start the month out, we visited my Dad and his wife Ann Saturday, March 5th and helped them cut and haul some wood that was in their yard. It was a really nice March day. Warm enough to get kind of sloppy by later in the afternoon, and also warm enough we didn't need tons of winter clothes on.
The children absolutely loved helping cut, haul and throw down the wood. I am very proud of how hard they are willing to work, and how much they can get done in a short time.
I am also thrilled with how well Isaiah did for the afternoon. I am sure, without all the exercises we have been doing with him, he would have never been able to hold up, nor move around very well .He has gained so much strength in the past couple months, he is like a new boy!!!
We want to go back this summer and do a whole day of hauling again for them. And it makes us want to have a wood stove for our heat, as Grandpa shared how much it has helped cut their heating costs over the year.
Please stop back again, there should be a new post each day this week, as we have some exciting things to celebrate that happened throughout the month.

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