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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Little Boys have official names!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011-Readoption Day!!

Tuesday, March 8 was also another special day for our family this year.
Our 2 littles, Isaiah and Isaac, truly became Isaiah and Isaac. We had our readoption done in Wisconsin, and it feels really good to have all the stuff done that we need to do. EXCEPT FOR THE OFFICIAL SOCIAL SECURITY CARD NAME CHANGE!!
We keep waiting every day for the mail to bring our boys' new birth certificates, so I can scurry to La Crosse, again, and get their names changed, so we can then scurry to our accountant who is holding our taxes up for the new names on our tax return, so we can get our very nice adoption tax refund.
I don't think the day held much interest to either of them, although they did get a new teddy bear out of the deal. And we did some vehicle shopping, and we had lunch at Culvers. The eating out is definitely a highlight for both boys, as they love Culvers custard. Isaac is not talking yet, but his squeals/screams are heard throughout the house when dessert gets brought out, and he is equally loud when we are out in public, much to Nick and Ken's dismay!!
We have been home 10 months. I am sure we have a current record for the fastest readopt so far, within 9 months of coming home.
I look forward to our 1 year post placement report-there is just so much to say about each boy, they have each grown SOOO much, both physically, developmentally, and emotionally. It truly is a gift from God to receive such bundles of love and energy, and then have the privilege of raising them up for His kingdom.
May He find us faithful!!
Check back again, more updates to come throughout the week!!


Amy said...


Congratulations to your family! I am so looking forward to all of your posts this month - I love seeing pictures of your beautiful children and hearing how they are all doing. Keep those great pictures coming :-)


Joe and Jane said...

Congrats on the achievement! So nice to have it finished!

Gail said...

I'm so glad I've gotten the chance to get to know you, Chuck and the kidz:) You have a beautiful family; inside and out.