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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring days on our deck

We had a happy little camper the day we set up a play yard on our deck. It was one of those really warm spring days, lots of sunshine, but still a nip in the air, and our housebound little boys just needed to get out and pig in some dirt. We left a pile of leaves for them to play in, brought up a pail of sand to spill all over, and a few fun toys, and then let them have a fun-filled afternoon.

Isaac is not climbing up the slide yet, by himself, but with some help, he can get up there, and he loves the sliding down part-smiles, giggles, and even when he lands, he is still all smiles.

Tyler had to give a few examples of how to use the triki-Isaiah is still not sure how to ride these things, but he will try anything if Tyler shows him first.

Isaac likes the sitting, not the moving part of these toys. But if you push him slowly, he will walk his feet along side it, so it won't be long and he will discover weigh-bearing and actually pushing himself along is very possible.

2 little boys enjoying the sunshine

Isaasc does not have an aversion to mud, but grass, that is a different story.

Kendell took Isaasc out into the cornfield to watch his big brothers try to fly kites. He had no problems scooting around in the mud, quite a difference from last fall when he wouldn't even touch it!

It was a great day for flying kites, but we didn't get a good picture-but they sure all had a great time!!
Now, this Saturday, we have SNOWagain, and cold wind, so we will have to stay indoors and look at these nice pictures to remember how much fun it was just a couple weeks ago!!


kendell said...

hi mom,how are you doing?
you have a nice blog!!!
eagerly waiting for Rose,

Jaime T. said...

Looks like fun!

The Yoders said...

Oh- that the Lord would have led us to your site! Rejoicing with you,in the adoption of Rose Kendell, and also Bless you for your obedience in the calling that the lord has for you!

Anita Hege said...


We try to keep our blog with new updates from time to time, but I'm afraid we don't keep up with comments. I just saw you asked about the "one list" Did you figure that out or are you still wanting the info. My e-mail: anita.hege.4Jesus@gmail.com

Sorry for the delay. Haiti does keep us busy!

Serving my Heavenly Father! Anita