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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!

This was waiting for me in my inbox this afternoon!!
Absolutely beautiful,
signed, Love Rosalyn Hannah
Pictures do say 1000 words, don't they!!!
Love, Chris


Debberoo said...

What a beautiful surprise!!

Jaime T. said...

That's so sweet!
Happy Mother's Day, Chris!!

Chris said...

Somebody was thoughtful

Sharon and Michael said...

thanks for sharing. :) too precious.

Annie said...

Chris, what a blessing! She's beautiful!

Tammy said...

Oh Chris, she is learning to love you from a far. This is great. I see a beautiful wonderful and excited girl waiting for her family. She is already invested
So happy for you


Joe and Jane said...

How completely wonderful!! Happy Mother's Day!

AnotherPreciousJewel said...

How beautiful! You are a very blessed mama!

Chris said...

Hi mom!! I am very excited 2 get Rosalyn Hannah 2!!! :)(smily face)
see ya' Love Kendell