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Monday, January 16, 2012

Blessed Sunday

WE were SOOOOO blessed this morning to be able to join with the Moores and head to a Christian service very close to the Victory.


The11am service is Mandarin/English, and other than the prayer, they translate everything. Even tho they sang the same song a # of times, it was wonderful, and I even saw a woman praise the Lord  with hands raised-Hallelujah!!!


Sterling dragged his folks right up to the front, we weren't that brave, and sat a few rows back!!



singing Worthy is the Lamb



After a special time of worship we headed to a wonderful little deli for a bite to eat, and then went back, in the rain, to a nap.


Eating lunch at the counter at the White Swan Deli-fabulous prices, and VERY good food!!!

At 3 pm, our guide picked up Jenn's family and us and we headed to a Chinese version of Walmart-not a real walmart, and we picked up a few things, and then went to a couple different markets and walked for about 2 hours!!

Thoroughly enjoyed the meandering market thru the side streets, and wayyyy less crowded than the BIG Sunday shopping mall/area that we went thru first.

Monday is a Dr's visit for Rose, she gets some vaccines, then a quiet afternoon with our friends.

Thanks for following along.


Chris and the girls

Shopping at the Chinese version of Walmart-

chinese ch. walmart

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