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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 13 away from home…

(But whose counting???)

Well, I daresay, we are on the homeward stretch :)

We are within a week of being home, and it is starting to be on my mind more each day, when I have TIME to think about it:)

Goodness, having other families here has been such a blessing.

We are having such a good time when we are together, it has really made the days and evenings go by so much more quickly!

Monday morning, our guide, Richard took us to the Drs  office for Rose's vaccinations. She needed 4 shots-none of them could be combined!! She was a real trooper, and has not expressed any issues with them, thank goodness.

After a short nap, we headed to Starbucks to meet our friends, and Harry had a tour planned out for us which included some of what we had done on Sunday with Richard, but Monday, the sun was out, and it all looked and "smelled" different.

Walking thru the Herb Market, the smells were intense, and wonderful. I had no idea what most of them were, but the smell of dried herbs is very pleasant.

WE also walked thru a pet market, and contemplated the fish market, but no one was too interested in getting fish intestines all over ourselves!!!

After a fun hour at the park where the children played, we decided to try something "wild" for supper.

Earl had seen a brochure in our Hotel's lobby for a very nice Italian restaurant, but it was about 30 minutes away.

After some debate over taking the hotel shuttle or taking taxis, we ended up with all of us stuffed into 2 taxis.

The ride across town was beautiful, the bridges are all lit up, and the city is just full of beautiful lights everywhere.

After the 30 minute ride, and getting dumped of in a parking lot no where near where we needed to be, the 11 of us trudged thru some brush, past a couple buildings, only to come upon the restaurant-


We had to have a good laugh, and take a few pictures of the CLOSED MONDAY sign, then headed back to the main road to try to catch 2 more taxis back to the Hotel.

Rose and Kendell went with Harry and Jenn and little Elliott, and they took off right away.

Another taxi pulled right up, and the rest of us piled in, and we were back to the Hotel in record time. No, the other taxi had not been there yet, we figured maybe they went right to the nearby restaurant we had agreed to meet at.

WE walked to Lucy's, and they were not there yet!!

We were a bit puzzled, as they had driven right away, but we arranged the tables, sat down, ordered, and waited.

All of a sudden, in walked our girls, and Jenn and Harry.

Rose had been quite concerned with our whereabouts, as they did not know we got a taxi right after they left.

Their driver also did not know the Island very well, and did not take the right turn to get to the Hotel, Harry said they circled the area a couple times before he got them to the hotel!!!

Well, we had a good laugh, and I think come next Jan 16, we will all remember the night 1 year ago.

However, we had several children that were wayyyy tired, way hungry, and nearing meltdowns!!!!

You just never know what to expect, but if you stay flexible, you can turn lemons into lemonade!!!

Lots of love,Chris and the girls


Rays of sunshine make the walk to Starbucks even better than usual!!!

Kendell and Elliott



Elliott gets some lovin’ from Sharee

Sterling is NOT too sure about another boy on him mama's lap!!!



Robin said...

What an adventure. Your positive, can do attitude is so great to see in action. Thanks for blogging and letting us all travel with you.

Debberoo said...

OMG what an adventure! I think Elliot's Mum and Dad are going to have to check the girls luggage before you leave to make sure they don't try and pack Elliot up to take home with them!