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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Safari Park

Preview of our day at the Safari Park

This is only a short preview of the extraordinary day we had Tuesday at the Safari Park.

I took over 250 pictures, so I am only picking a couple to try to show you the extent of the beauty and "real-ness" of the place.


Riding the train thru the "drive thru" range

Elephants in their natural habitat-one of our biggest thrills was seeing animals actually moving around


and doing life much like they would in the wild-something very different from the many zoos I have seen in the states.

White tigers-a real thrill for all of us…the African range, complete with lots of giraffes!



I will wait to post more pics when I get home and can do it myself-this is a job for super-editor, and I am not up to the task tonight!

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Debberoo said...

So interesting, it looks amazing!