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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pray for Lili…..

We interrupt this trip to bring you news from the Guangzhou Respiratory Hospital:

Yes, it's true, we actually made a trip to a hospital while here in Guangzhou.

It was a very nice facility, and I was glad we went, but I wish we hadn’t have HAD to go.

Our little Lili had a horrible night breathing and sleeping on Tuesday night, and I told Richard, "I think we need to see a Dr."

It was a beautiful, 70 degree day, and we spent the entire afternoon inside the hospital waiting to be seen.

We first waited over 70 minutes to see a Pediatrician.

She was appalled by the condition of her little nose-so raw inside, it looks like hamburger-and I'm not exaggerating!!!

She has the worst green stuff coming out of her all hours of the day and night, and at night, it mixes with blood.

The Dr said her lungs are clear, so no bronchitis-but put her on 4 different meds for a severe sinus infection-yes, I called that from day 1, I have seen enough of this stuff at home to know what it looks like!

She also really wanted us to see another Dr-and ENT!!!

After we just waited 70 minutes to see her? Was she kidding?

BUT, we decided to see how long it would be-guess what? NO WAIT!!!

We got right in, and for a total of about $50, we found out her condition has been going on for SOME TIME-probably several months.

Makes me want to cry.

So now she has 4 meds to swallow, and 2 for her nose to help it heal she is a real trooper, and takes the pills without any problems, even chewing stuff probably not meant to be chewed, but at least she is getting them.

The only side effect is from the Amoxicillin-YES< Diarrhea. Ought to be interesting on the flight on Sunday, but she is really feeling better already.

Richard said he can already understand her speech better, so maybe there isn't a speech issue as bad as we thought from the beginning?

WOW, wouldn't that be amazing!!!

Keep her in prayer, as the better she feels, the more of a squirrel she will become, but we are SUPER glad of that!!!



007 (2)

My Lili, waiting patiently for her call to see the Dr-and the first thing the Doc said, "put more clothes on her"



Talk about chaos-and I wouldn't go so far as to say it's organized chaos either just simply chaos.


I came away with a completely new appreciation for the health care we have in the US

Lines everywhere-even to pay the bills-LINES!!! pick up drugs---LINES!!!!

So glad we are done with this!!!


Robin said...

Ugh. That stinks that she has had the sinus infection for so long. Poor baby. On the bright side, you have it figured out and you have the right medication to start the healing process. Way to go Momma! Hope she feels much better soon

Jolene said...

It is my prayer that she is healed very quickly!

Debberoo said...

Poor thing, good call on the visit to the hospital. Hopefully the meds will keep working their magic and she will feel steadily better. Feel so bad for her that its been going on for a few months. I think you are right your going to start seeing the "full on" Lili as she begins to heal and feel better, oh uh, brace yourself :) Hope her poor tummy settles a bit, that is not fun!