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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Saying goodbye….

to dear friends.

Today is Thursday night!

I am starting to have trouble remembering the time difference-FOR SOME REASON!!!

Our night, your morning of the same day, not that hard, but after 15 days, it's all jumbling together!!!

Prayer has gotten me thru much the past 2 weeks and I am so thankful for how Faithful Father is to answer our smallest needs:)

Today, we said goodbye to little Elliott and his mama and Dada!!

I am sooooo happy that they got to leave GZ today-and at 8 Friday morning, they start their flight back to Charlotte, NC.

They are so special to all of us. We really do need to plan a trip south, and yes, we will be stopping by to see ya all!!!!

Such wonderful parents-and first timers too-loved watching their son come out of his shell and he just exudes joy and delight with everything going on around him-truly a miracle!!!!

Happy trails to you all-and may He hold you in the palm of His hand, and return you safely to your haven in NC!!!

Until we meet again


Chris and the girls

Kendell feeding Elliott his first taste of ice cream-and he loved it!!!




Mama and Daddy having a quick bite to eat before the 3 hour van drive to Hong Kong


Mama getting her final paperwork-the long-awaited VISA!!!!!!


The gang's all here-for a loving good bye!!!

The children all say goodbye to Elliott



This is 1 happy mama!!!


Until we meet again!!! Safe travels dear friends-we love you

and yes, I was crying-happy, rejoicing tears for meeting such

wonderful people on this path He has put us on!!!


Debberoo said...

I've loved "meeting" Elliot and his Mum & Dad through your posts. What a gorgeous little guy he is with personality to spare! So happy for you that your paths crossed and you were able to share this amazing time.

You are doing awesome, seriously Chris you are amazing the way you are holding everything together and your girls are amazing too!

laurellee said...

Oh how we have loved following your journey..sorry I haven't done well posting but we have checked in each day and prayed for you all and your time there!! So thankful to watch how He has carried you thru! Oh what a great reunion you have ahead:):) His richest blessings on your flight home!! and the settling back in at HOME:)!!

Holly said...

We made friends in China that two years later we're still in contact with. It has been so special to share the adoption journey with them.
I keep wondering who we'll meet this time around.

It's been special watching your girls connecting. I hope the coming weeks of reality are smooth and full of joy.