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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 3….

and doing well.

Some sights around the Hotel-everything is in full

swing for the advent of Chinese New Year which

is coming soon!!!

Even tho we started out the morning with Kendell's tummy swirling, it got much better later on.

We had canceled our market walk with Vickie due to tummy troubles, but about 11 we decided to venture out for some "fresh" air-meaning at least not hot, stuffy hotel air- and some much needed leg stretching-the 6 yr old needs SPACE!!!!

We walked around for an hour, and found an American owned coffee shop-looks like they have cheesecake, I am sure we will go there some afternoon for a snack before we leave.

When we got back to the Hotel, Lili was showing signs of asthma from the cold, damp air. We will definitely be getting her lungs checked out when we get home, and I am thankful for a Dr's appointment on Saturday in Guangzhou-she has some pretty nasty sinus stuff going on.

We also came back to a room in the process of being cleaned, so we had to hang out in the hall for a few minutes, and I encouraged the girls to use up a bit more energy by playing tag-the hallways make a big circle-didn't take much and they were all giggling and running and that was a good thing.

We thought about venturing to the Buffet for supper, but prices were quite high, and after looking over the available western fare, (and Kendell was not impressed) we opted for room service again. We had hotdogs, cheeseburgers and french fries, and our little Asian beauty, Lili, ONLY eats Asian food. She is very reluctant to try anything unfamiliar, and if it doesn't have rice or noodles in it, Look out!!!

Look out boys, we will be adding some Asian dishes to our meals for awhile :)

Not much going on tonight, but on Wednesday morning, we get to visit the Guiyang Orphanage, I believe it is run by a Christian director, and all of their foster families are Christian-I am really looking forward to this opportunity-and hoping to get LOTS of pictures and videos of any children currently waiting on the shared list!!!

Thanks to Lynnea, we can keep blogging, so I will sign off for now.

Lots of love

Chris and the girls

One cute side note you could include under the pic of the 3 girls when they are outside:

We were concerned that Lili would not transition  to our longer skirts and dresses well, so I brought a couple cute skirts and tops we were only outside a couple minutes and she was bending over trying to pull her skirt down so it would be as long as ours way tooooo cute, and way toooo bright!!!

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