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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Travel Plans are coming together

We have our flights booked
We leave Wed. Jan 4th
Gotcha Day is Jan 8-a Sunday
there will be 2 less orphans in the world!! Praise God!!!
Our Consulate Appt is not until Jan 19, and our flights home won't be until Sunday the 22nd.
our trip will be a bit longer than at first hoped for, but, we are soooo happy with the flights, the cost of them, and the connections, it all seems PERFECT!!!
Leaving from Madison this time-only a  1 1/2 hr drive, and getting in on Sunday at 4 pm-PLENTY of time to get home and spend time together our first night!! oh, how I look forward to that homecoming!! And a small airport, so we will be in and out of there in NO TIME!!!
We are flying United, our first trip overseas without flying a country-specific airline.
I am thinking it may be nice this time to have Americans around us all the time, and have food that we can handle.
Kendell is not a huge fan of "fancy" eating, so I hope she can get enough to eat while in Guiyang. From other ap's who have been there, not a lot of American food to be had-we may have to order room service a few times as even the KFC food is spicey we have heard. I will probably be packing a few more snacky foods than I first thought about-good ole peanut butter crackers or cheesey crackers always works in a pinch.
We are so thankful to all who helped us with our fundraising.
Between the tshirt sales and mail-in checks, we have enough for our in-country "living" expenses.
We are putting together our travel itinerary, so will post more info on our plans once that is nailed down-hopefully we will know more tomorrow.
We are nesting.
The house is being cleaned, we are re-organizing, finding bunk-beds for the girls' room, cleaning closets, stashing stuff that we don't need right now, and I am trying to imagine how it will look upon our arrival back home when Daddy has been in charge for 18 days!!!
I may hire someone to come in the last few days and do some major cleaning so we can come home and just CHILL for a few days and get adjusted!!!
Well, hoping for SOME sleep tonight-and more good news tomorrow


kimjax said...

I'm so excited for you, Chris!! It's all happening so fast!

bugs parents said...

I've been following along on your journey - I'm so excited for you that you finally have firm dates. How exciting!!

From experience, make sure you pack the peanut butter in your checked luggage. It's considered a liquid and will be taken at security (both here and in China). It's a sad day when the peanut butter is gone!

Safe travels. We'll be praying for your entire family.

Brooke said...

SUPER excited for you guys, Chris!!
I cannot wait to follow along!
That is great that you get to fly out of Madison too! Are both you girls from the same province/swi?
Many blessings and prayers for safe travel and smooth transitions!

jewell said...

So absolutely excited for you and the girls! And we hope you will be traveling to SW VA someday!
Hugs all around!
Praising the Father for His work and provision!

Annie said...

Chris!!! Tomorrow you leave to bring home Rosalyn and Lilianna!! Safe travels and God be with you!!! Will you blog from China or send home messages for someone to post?? I will be checking in!!