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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Look at the view outside MY bedroom window

It was a picture perfect scene
4 horses
a beautiful sunny morning
golden leaves falling from the trees

they were running and playing and teasing one another
the frost was the thickest we had so far this year-it was so heavy, it looked like snow

I am thinking it is a beautiful reminder to take each day in stride,
to count our blessings, instead of looking for something to complain about
I was not sure I liked our valley when we first moved here-I only saw a bottom, and I am used to looking down from on top of the hills

BUT, who could not love a site like this,
with the sun shining over the hill, down into our little haven?
God is certainly tolerant of me and my list of likes and don't likes, and thankfully, He is in the business of changing our hearts to be more like His. I am seeing more beauty in this place He has placed us, and feeling more peace, and seeing His hand in our lives, and loving where He has us, for as long He keeps us here.
Blessings dear friends!
In Him
I took these pictures a month ago, wrote this 3 weeks ago, but just had to have them posted-too pretty to pass up !!


kimjax said...

Beautiful, Chris. It looks so peaceful! :)

mlynne said...

You almost had me wanting to hold a warm cup of coffee in my hands and wander those frosty fields, almost, from this southern girl. Until... We woke up today to temps in the low 40's, nothing compared to you all but chilllllly for us.

Seriously though, thanks for taking the time to snap the pictures as they are beautiful.

bridget said...

Praise God from Whom ALL Blessings Flow :) GREAT pics!! And great reminder...thanks!

Jean said...

Love this post!
The pics are beautiful!!
Only God could create something so marvelous!

Just answered your email- sorry it took me so long!