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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Emotions are running HI

and I'm not doing so well this weekend
another year older
a cold/sinus issue &
tears are coming pretty easy
another week goes by without TA
all I want for Christmas is our Travel Approval!!!
we are on day 9 of our TA wait
others have been getting them on day 8
yes, it's the weekend
it's always a weekend, or a holiday for our paperwork
I am feeling tied in knots
I am restless, anxious, and
I just want to go get my 2 girls and bring them HOME!!!
Finances are coming together, but we are still seeing some pretty big gaps in what is due and what we have on hand-
Maybe Monday.....



Jolene said...

I am smiling right now because I have been where you are at. I am there now. The Lord gave me something to hold onto though. Choose JOY. Right now, in THIS moment, choose JOY!

Our children are watching us, they are watching the Christmas season expectantly and they are waiting for our Chinese adoptions to move forward too, along with us...How will they see us react under pressure right now?

My head is throbbing, my face is all swollen (major oral surgery), I feel like I'm floating through time and space (gotta love the meds they put you on) but I realized that I *have* to choose joy! My children are watching me!

Chris said...

Hang on! It'll come...at just the right time...ya gotta believe it. No other way to survive