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Monday, December 19, 2011

Ta Da!!!!!! TA!!!!!

We are thrilled!
We are humbled!
We are delighted with the news that our daughters are coming home to us
in January!!!
We have our official TA-Travel Approval from China!!!
OH MY, the list of things to do!!!
BUT, keeping it all in perspective,
the best news is

Rosalyn Hannah Waughtal

and Lilianna Grace Waughtal


Delighting in His goodness, Honored to be busy about His work, and
Thrilled to be meeting them in about 2 weeks.
Although nothing is concrete at this time.
We are waiting for our ConsulateAppointment, and the whole trip works back from that date, which looks to be around Jan17-18.
tears of  joy, lots of Halleluah's, and grinning from ear to ear!!!
Rejoice with us
Kendell, you have 2 sisters, and they will be sharing your room by Jan 22, 2012:)
In Him,
One happy Mama and Baba


kimjax said...

Rejoicing with you, Chris!!!!

Amanda said...

Yeah! Thrilled for you and your new girls!

Robin said...

Fantastic Christmas news! Looking forward to following your journey to your precious daughters.

Beautifully Veiled said...

So very happy for you! Thanks for being such a light to the world!
Linda in GA

Katie said...

Great News! Merry Christmas!

Matt and Maria said...

Praising God along with your family for your new daughters! Congratulations!