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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tyler shopping

Last weekend, we all finally did some Tyler shopping.

It was so much fun to be looking at little boy clothes again. We hit some wonderful sales at the Outlet Mall in Wisconsin Dells, especially The Children's Place, and came home with quite a selection of stuff for him. Probably my 2 favoarites are the brown hooded jacket with fleece lining, and the little squishy stuffed puppy.

The older children had a blast helping Mom and Dad pick things out, and they seemed so unconcerned with how much he was getting compared to the couple things Nick got, and the one sweatshirt Kendell got. Such unselfishness is so wonderful, and their love for Tyler just shines in their eyes already.

The only major purchase we have yet is a carseat, and since the new law in Wis(or is this a Federal law?) is they have to be in it until they are 8, I am going to be a bit more fussy about what kind of seat they are sitting on for that long. Last time, a cheapy at Walmart was good enough to get them through, but now his little butt will be sitting on this thing for 5 years, so I think it had better be a bit more comfy!! And maybe recline also-that seems like such a nice option for longer trips.
We have been asked about the ladies at the church having a shower for us, and so now I had better calm down from buying any more until after that.
Now, to find a place for everything!

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