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Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday morning musings

Well, we are off to another race this week-where do we think all the energy comes for such long lists of things to do, calls to make, etc...
I guess, you just "do the next thing" as Elizabeth Elliot always said. This week includes
*herd health Monday
*classify 15 Holsteins Tuesday
*Dad comes to work on shelves in basement Wed (weather permitting)
*We milk 2 shifts on Thursday
*Friday is Botany co-op day (sigh, our final class together)
*Look for an employee for the farm

And I am not including trips to the chiropractor, calls to the accountant about year-end taxes, house-cleaning (and calling someone to help with that for a few months since I have been so far behind this winter), call to case worker for hand-carry documents list and ?'s about the process, homeschooling, meal preparations (3 a day, every day), Bible time for myself, and as a family, and I don't think I want to think about anything else this morning. That is enough to keep me busy, don't ya think?
Of yeah, I want to scrapbook some too, not to mention, work on my blog some more-there are ideas I have, but not time to implement them.
So, I had better get ready to head to the barn this morning.
It is kind of nice to have a place to list all this now, and see how the week goes with checking things off.

1 comment:

Craig, Judy, and Andrew said...

I've always loved that E. Eliot quote. It's a simple statement that packs so much punch.

Great blog, btw!

- Judy K.