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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Adoption process

We have been in the adoption process for a year now. It started in Jan 2007 with an announcement on VCY Christian Radio STation about an upcoming meeting for Sunshine Adoption in Milwaukee. We attended that meeting, and almost immediately, we knew Taiwan was the country for us this time. We wanted a shorter trip, we wanted an Asian child that would resemble our daughter, and we wanted (what we thought) was going to be a shorter process.

On Feb 14, 2007, we were approved by Taiwan's TWCA program for foster care-infant program. The homestudy began, and we filed papers with USCIS to be approved by the govt to adopt.

Finally in May, our homestudy was approved, we were approved by USCIS in July, and on Aug 3, our life changed forever with the referral of our 3 year old son.

We have been in love with him from the first time we laid eyes on him, and with each updated photo, we love him even more. We can't wait to bring him home and become a family of 5. Our last update was in Jan, and his photo shows he is growing and changing quite a bit-way too much for our liking, as we have missed out on 6 months of his life, but we also know it is all in God's timing, not ours, and He never makes mistakes, and His timing is ALWAYS perfect.

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