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Monday, February 4, 2008

February updates

We are so excited because we have new updated photos and videos of Tyler. He is wearing one of the sweatshirts that we sent in his Christmas package. He loves waving at the camera, and is always smiley and happy. One of the parents that traveled in Dec. said the TWCA worker mentioned Tyler and said he likes to make people laugh. Well, we could use a dose of silliness and happiness-not that we are somber or sad people, just kind of stressed out with everything we have going on.
They say adoptive parents have to be resilient, persevere, and be patient, and we can do all of that, but it does wear on you sometimes.
But, life is good, he is doing wonderful, and we are in the home stretch!!
Praise God!


Shana said...

Love the blog, Chris!! I must also tell you that when I mentioned Tyler, Samantha got a huge smile on her face and just started giggling. I think his silliness may be contagious!! Good for your home! -Shana

Sarah k said...

He sure looks like he is a ball of funny fire! I am sure that God took extra time just to get him ready for you and vice versa. That is the way it was with our Jeremiah and I suspect it will be just as miraculous with our Tirzah Joy. He looks so sweet and ready to be loved! Congratulations on your newest blessing from God!

Sarah k said...

I love the song too! So cool!!! And thank you so much for mentioning our page! I am adding yours to ours....

Yvonne Crawford said...

What a cutie!!! and he seems to have a good sense of humor as well. :)