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Sunday, February 3, 2008

court process

We received all our dossier paperwork in Aug, and finally had it ready to be sent on its way the end of September. We found out in Oct that we had a date for our first hearing-Dec. 28-(collective sigh/groan!!)

It seemed to be so far away, and we wondered why it would have to be that far out-many of our email friends were getting court dates much more quickly.

Well, here it is, the New Year, and on Jan. 31, we received word of our civil ruling-in layman's terms, that means the 2nd court hearing has taken place, and we now have one final ruling before we can go and get Tyler.

Our Jan update shows such a little man, I can't wait to get him home before he is half grown.
We are now in Operation: Bring Tyler Home mode. I am busy making lists, and checking them twice, to make sure all things that need to be done will be done by the time we leave for Taiwan.
I have not started with any packing, but thoughts of packing circle my brain constantly, as well as tracking down all the paperwork we need to take with us, and all the shopping/housework/farm work that needs to take place before we leave.
We are operating under the philosophy that we could get the word to go anytime after Feb 14 (10 days after civil ruling) but understand that it could be up to 2 months if we follow in Katie and Alex's footsteps (another adoption couple in Arizona, anxiously awaiting their 18 month old.)


Tami said...

Chris, you guys are almost there. I know it has been a long haul, but it's worth it when all is said and done. Best wishes for a quick final.

Sarah k said...

Hey Chris, I would say that you are safer saying soon after February 21st because New Years in Taiwan lasts until that day and Taiwan does hold pretty close to traditions! I have not seen anyone get travel call during Chinese New year but have seen it come very soon after!! I hope this helps. I will be praying for quick "Travel call" for you guys.